The best way to keep data updated between Mac and Android


If you are a technology freak and love to latest computer and phones, surely you would have a Mac and an Android device. But the drawback of having two together is that they have different software and it is pretty tough to update data between the two.

If we take a look before some years ago, most of us used Google’s Android file transfer app for transferring data between our Mac and Android but due to the limited features, it looks the old one. Technology has changed according to the need of today’s atmosphere.

There are lots of alternatives for updating data with latest features and I think you all will surely love them. Here I am going to state some of them for help in your data updating your devices. Take a look:

  1. Syncmate
  2. TunesGO
  3. Double Twist
  4. Dr. fone – [Transfer Android]
  5. Syncdroid
  6. Sync Manager
  7. Folder Sync Lite


Firstly going to state the outstanding and multifunctional tool for updating data. Any guess….well I am talking about syncmate. Syncmate is a powerful tool which can sync all your contacts, calendar, music, photos etc between your Mac and Android. It also keeps track on the changes of your files and applies the changes according to requirement.


Secondly, I would recommend TunesGO to synchronize data between Android and Mac. Although it doesn’t offer throughout synchronization it is the modest way to transfer your media files. A user can install bulk mobile apps with it and also can import apps. This tool doesn’t migrate your contacts and calendar so you have to take help of other utility for transferring them.

Double Twist

Now take a look at Double Twist. It is another impressive tool for updating your data between Mac and Android. Double Twist organizes your media files in a neat and proper way and also create data backups. The key feature of the app is that it is easy to use. Also, have a drawback that this app sync only media files so you have to take help of another app for syncing rest data.

Dr.fone – Transfer [Android]

Time to know about the powerful sync manager app known as Dr.fone – Transfer [Android] for syncing all your contacts, calendar, photos, music etc through a USB cable. It helps you in uploading and downloading data and also manage your apps. Its key feature is that you can backup all your data in a single click. But you have to pay for it as it is not free.


Another impressive software for synchronization we are talking about is SyncDroid. It is the superb way for syncing your data between Android and Mac. Like Dr.fone here also syncing process takes place through a USB cable. SyncDroid syncs all your contacts, SMS, videos, bookmarks etc. It is very convenient and easy to use.

Sync Manager

Now let’s know about another sync app called Sync Manager. Sync Manager is introduced by Acarasoft. Sync Manager helps in migrating all your WebDav shares, contacts, files and you can also upload files of all format. The servers which support Sync Manager are GNX MediaCenter, IIS 6, 7 and 8 for windows server 2003, Windows 7 and windows 8 respectively.

There are some drawbacks in this app like it freezes at the time of syncing and takes more time as comparatively manual syncing.

Folder Sync Lite

Lastly take a look at Folder Sync Lite, another better option for updating files. This app syncs data to a cloud storage service. Different cloud storage services like Dropbox, Onedrive, SugarSync and Google doc are supported by Folder Sync Lite. I think it is the easiest and time-saving way of updating files. In this process, all your pictures, music and documents automatically upload on cloud storage and you can move them anywhere you want.

Well… I have described all the latest and convenient apps for updating your data between Mac and Android. Different apps have different features and it’s your smartness to choose the best one for you. I think technology is vast and we can not cover up all the best apps in one article but I tried to state the better ones.

So guys take a look and choose the best. Now time to know your opinion so if you have any query about syncing, contact me. I will try to satisfy you. Also, share your experience.


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