Best Whatsapp Status Collections For Whatsapp Status Updates


Best Whatsapp Status Collections For Whatsapp Status Updates

Hello Viewers we all are whatsapp and facebook for sharing best moments with friends.So I am sharing latest collections of best whatsapp status in english and in hindi. Also in this post you can get love status and friendship status for all category whatsapp users. Best Whatsapp Status Collections For Whatsapp Status Updates.

You can now update your whatsapp status with impressive status. So just copy  any status given below and update your status.

In this post all best whatsapp status are given by category wise. So choose the desired section and select any best whatsapp status.

Note:All status has been collected from internet through different sources.

Best Whatsapp Status In English :

  • Every Year Thousand People Quit Smoking, By Dying.
  • I am not fat, I am just. Easier to see.
  • Smartness is a perfect beauty.
  • I’M Like Monday. Nobody Likes Me.
  • I am not failed, my success is just postponed.
  • Attitude is like underwear. Don’t show it just wore it.
  • Work until you don’t have to, introduce yourself.
  • Life Is Full Of Fake People. Don’t Trust Blindly.


  • God made every person different, He just got tired by the time he got to china.
  • I’m not perfect, I am original.
  • No matter how good you are, you can always be replaced.
  • The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding.


  • Dry fruits are just fruits that have become senior citizens.
  • Girls lie, boys forgive. Boys lie, girls leave.
  • I am… stubborn, and I admit it, so it’s OK.
  • I had a horribly busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.
  • I only wake up when I can’t hold my pee in any longer.
  • Do you know what would look good on you? Me!
  • Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.
  • Either you run the day, or the day runs you.
  • The most common cause of stress nowadays is dealing with idiots.
  • I don’t hold grudges, I remember facts.
  • People come and go…the best will stay.
  • I Never dreamed about the success I worked for it.
  • Childhood is like being drunk. Everyone remembers what you did, except you…


Best Love Whatsapp Status Collections :

  • Man and God met somewhere, both exclaimed: “My Creator!”
  • The problem is that you think you’ve time!
  • If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts but not theory.
  • The most painful thing in world is being loved and then ditched.
  • Being in love with someone and still single.
  • I am not perfect in everything but when I am perfect no one is better than me.
  • Eat > Sleep > Regret > Repeat
  • Even the most serious thing in world seems to be funny with that best friend.
  • Truth is superficial and fake is beneficial.
  • Don’t wait for that moment, take the moment and make it perfect.


Best Funny Whatsapp Status Collections :

  • Respect your work and it shall respect you.
  • If life is squeezing you, something good gonna happen.
  • My last seen was just to check your last seen
  • I have you in my arms, and so do I have my cell phone
  • Chasing dreams really fast and furious.
  • I am an Day Dreamer since I don’t sleep in night.
  • Future is subject to market risk, so enjoy it as it is today.
  • I never really believed in angels until the day I saw you for the first time.
  • Every LOVE story is beautiful, ours is awesome.
  • I want to show you how much I love you, but to show that I’ll have to show you how big the universe is.


  • I don’t have relationship and I don’t want to be in one. Because I AM ENTREPRENEUR.
  • Don’t try to mess with me I am an budding entrepreneur, and you have no idea what I can do.
  • Respect yourself and follow your heart.
  • I also do have volatile RAM its just called HEART.

Best Whatsapp Status In Hindi :

  • हो सके तो दिलों में रहना सीखो… गुरुर में तो हरकोई रहता है !
  • समय दिखाई नहीं देता साहब, लेकिन बहुत कुछ दिखा जाता है ।
  • हारना तब जरूरी हो जाता है, जब लड़ाई अपनों से हो, और जितना तब जरूरी हो जाता है, जब लड़ाई अपने आप से हो
  • जब जरुरत के समय काम आने वाला अपना ही पैसा बदल जाता है… तो अपनों की बात करें ।


  • काँटा हूँ मैं जिसे चुभ जाता हूँ उसी का हो जाता हूँ, फूल नहीं हूँ जिसे हर भंवरा चूमता फिरे ।
  • दिल में चाहत का होना जरूरी है…वरना…याद तो रोज दुश्मन भी करते हैं…!!…
  • कोशिश तो अंतिम क्षण तक करनी चाहिए, सफलता मिले या तजुर्बा, दोनों ही चीजें नायाब है ।
  • हम तो अपने दुश्मनों को भी चाहते है क्योकिं उन्ही के कारण तो publicity पाते है
  • वक़्त ने सिख दी हमे होशियारी वरना हम भी मासूमियत की हद तक मासूम थे।
  • अंधेरे को कोसने से बेहतर है कि खुद ही एक दिया जला ले ।
  • बोलने से पहले शब्द मनुष्य के वश में होते है, किंतु बोलने के बाद मनुष्य शब्दों के वश में हो जाता है ।
  • समय दिखाई नहीं देता, लेकिन बहुत कुछ दिखा जाता है ।
  • प्रीत ना करिये पछी समान जल सुखे उड़ जाये, प्रीत करिये मछली जैसी जल सुखे मर जाये…
  • व्यक्ति का सम्मान उन शब्दों से नहीं है जो उसकी उपस्थिति में कहे जाये, बल्कि उन शब्दों से है जो उसकी अनुपस्थिति में कहे जाये…


  • किसीको प्रेम देना सबसे बड़ा उपहार है, तो किसीका प्रेम पाना सबसे बड़ा सम्मान ।
  • इंसान के भीतर जो छलके वो स्वाभिमान है, और बाहर जो छलके वो अभिमान है…
  • सार्थक व प्रभावी उपदेश सिर्फ वह है, जो वाणी से नहीं बल्कि अपने आचरण से प्रस्तुत किया जाय…
  • मैंने जब भी रब से गुजारिश की है, तेरे चहेरे पे हँसी की सिफारिश की है…
  • देख भाई !!! Status मत देख… हम तो अपना #Status सभी के दिलों दिमाग पर #Update# करते


  • है… WhatsApp पर नहीं…
  • दिल में छुपा रखी है मुहब्बत तुम्हारी काले धन की तरह, खुलासा नहीं करता हुँ कि कही हंगामा ना हाे जाये…
  • ज़ख्म देकर ना पुछा करो दर्द कि शिद्दत क्या, दर्द तो दर्द हो ता है, थोड़ा क्या और ज्यादा क्या…
  • बाग में टहलते एक दिन जब वो बेनकाब हो गये, जितने पेड़ थे बबुल के, सब के सब गुलाब हो गये…
  • इजाजत हो तो मैं भी तुम्हारे पास आ जाऊँ, देखों ना चाँद के पास भी तो एक सितारा है…

Best Sad Whatsapp Status [ Heart Touching Sad Whatsapp Status ] :

  • I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better.
  • Loneliness doesn’t KILL, but sometimes I wish it DID.
  • Everyone thinks that “I m happy and fine” but look a lil closer, u will see tears in my eyes…..
  • I’m missing something in my life these days.
  • BEING IGNORED, worst feeling ever.
  • Never give up on someone you can’t spend a day not thinking about.
  • The most painful memory.  When I walked away and you let me go.


  • But the all didn’t see the little bit of sadness in me.
  • It isn’t the bad memories that make you sad, but the best ones that you can’t bring it back ..
  • It hurts, but it’s OK… I’m used to it.
  • There is no hurt in this world worse than feeling like they just doesn’t give a F..bad..!
  • Never put your happiness in someone Else’s hands.
  • The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.
  • The truth hurts for a little while, but lies hurt for a lifetime.
  • I hate being broken. I hate that I cannot go back.
  • Why does it always have to be the one that you love the most hits you the hardest?
  • A great many people have a soldier’s stomach – everything they eat goes to the front.
  • I want you to be FREE, but i can watch you SOAR away from me.
  • Ignore me. I don’t care. I’m used to it anyways. I’m invisible.
  • I close my eyes and dream of a time when I wasn’t all alone.
  • I tried to forget you, but the harder I tried, the more I thought about you.
  • You know what friends your  polite nature to others always hurts you.
  • Make the most beautiful Mistakes, mine is you.
  • Is having one of those days where they feels like they can’t do anything right.


  • You’re the only exception.
  • It’s funny how the person who hurts you is the one who swore they never would.
  • How did I go from being so happy, to so sad…
  • sometimes the people that u don’t want to get hurt doesn’t care if they hurt you!
  • I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns into tears.
  • I always found the right one on wrong time.
  • The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.
  • Life is short,  there is no time to leave important words UNSAID.


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