Bypass Facebook Photo Verification 2017


Here am gonna share you this working method to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification 2017. Now a days facebook using very tight security due to avoid spammers. By having this tight security many users loss their facebook accounts by facebook photo verification. In facebook we adding many unknown users for find new friends. We can’t remeber the faces of all facebook profile holders. And many users currently doesn’t using their real photos in facebook profiles. In this time if we getting facebook photo verification by mistake, we can’t unlock it. So that here am sharing working method to bypass facebook photo verification 2018 using ip address.

When you login to your facebook account by using unknown ip address and unfamiliar location, Suddenly you will get facebook photo tag verification. But now don’t worry. Just follow the below working guide to bypass facebook photo verification easily without losing your account.

Bypass Facebook Photo Verification Using Ip Address :

  • Download And Install TunnelBear Android App In Your Mobile.
  • Simply Open the app and change your ip location to japan.
  • Then open facebook in default browser like google chrome or mobile browser.
  • Then login to your fb account which asking Photo Tag Verification.
  • Now your photo verification will be removed successfully. And Now it’s asking mobile verification.
  • Then change japan country code to your country code and enter your mobile number.
  • Now Facebook sending otp verification code to your given mobile number.
  • Enter the otp in text box and login to your account now.

That’s all. You are now successfully remove facebook photo verification in facebook by using japan ip address. Then enjoy using facebook without any verification process.

How To Bypass Facebook Photo Verification In Pc :

  • Open Bypasstunnel Website in your desktop browser.
  • Simply open facebook website in url field in bypasstunnel site.
  • Now it’s asking mobile verification for login to facebook.
  • Simply enter your mobile number otp and verify your facebook account.
  • No Need facebook photo verification and any other annoying verification required.
  • Now Enjoy facebook…

Above two methods are working great for bypass facebook photo verification in 2017. You can use this trick in any android mobile with tunnelbear android app. For pc users, you can use any other proxy site instead of bypass tunnel. Because you just need japan ip address for bypass facebook photo verification without losing your account. You just need your phone number which you linked with your fb profile. Enjoy and share this post with your friends by using below social sharing icons.


  1. Hey, I did the steps & changed my IP to Japan before logging into an account that needs a photo && it didn’t work? The ID verification thing is still there. I seemed to do everything correct, so ?? What’s the deal?


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