How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Permanently


Here am back with the useful tutorial for new iphone users How To Bypass iCloud Activation in iphone and ipad. Apple Iphone is one of the best selling mobile devices in the world. iphone is also becomes the best competitor for android mobiles and have more features than android devices. Currently in markets iphone’s available for low prices and second hand mobiles also available in nearest mobile shops. So many users using apple iphone for better experience and rich look. If you are purchasing new iphone from your friends and someone else, You have to note down the apple id for enter the iphone. Because iphone security is too stronger than iphone and phone owner must be enable the icloud for secure your personal information and contacts from unknown persons.

Here in this post am sharing the useful ways to bypass icloud activation lock easily in your apple iphone. By purchasing second hand mobiles, you must have the working apple id for enter your iphone. When original previous phone owner turned on the iphone service called find my phone. It will enable icloud account automatically in their iphone devices.

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Icloud helps users to track lost iphone location by using icloud. Also in some cases, You can erase all your contacts and other important files manually by using icloud. But now you can follow the below simple steps and bypass iphone icloud activation in less than a minute. Just follow all below steps carefully and use it.

How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock :

  • Click on the home button in your iphone device and select Wifi Settings.
  • Then tap on the ‘I‘ below the Wifi symbol.
  • Here you have to follow the below steps, after removing existing DNS.
  • Then type the below Dns in your preferred Location mentioned below.
  • For USA :
  • For Europe :
  • Asia :
  • Other Country Users :
  • After Typing the mentioned dns, just click on back button and select Activation Help.

Now you will receive a message in your device with “You have successfully connected to my Server”. That means you are successfully bypassed icloud activation and able to use your iphone. If you want to avoid iCloud activation error in future by removing icloud activation lock permanently, Just follow the steps given below :

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Permanently :

  • Click on the menu option in home.
  • Go down on apps and tap crash for reboot your iphone.
  • When the device get restarts, just select Language and Country.
  • Then press Home button and click on More wifi settings.
  • Tap on “I” and select Menu under HTTP PROXY.
  • Here delete the current address and Click on Globe in keyboard.
  • Write 15 to 30 Characters randomly and type port as 8888.
  • Now go back to home and slide language and country to the end.
  • Then you will be navigate to iphone home screen.

Now you can use your 3 selected iphone apps Phone, FaceTime and News stand. But you have to restart every time while open one app. This method works on all ios devices including latest iphone 7. Follow all above steps carefully for bypass icloud activation in your iphone.

So guys this How To Bypass iCloud Activation tutorial will helps you to bypass icloud activation in your ios devices without the apple id. So enjoy iphone icloud activation and start using your iphone without any restrictions like annoying icloud activation. Share this post with your friends.


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