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here is the way to bypass youtube country restriction – how to watch blocked youtube videos in your country ?. Here is the simple easy method for your question. YouTube is the major source of the online videos, though it is blocked by some countries ISP’s will block YouTube by the Government orders. If you access the YouTube videos from the blocked countries IP you’ll automatically get the uploader has not made this video available in your country fix. So here we have the two ways by which you can easy solutions to bypass YouTube Country Restriction Errors.

This is the Common error when you are addicted to YouTube. And you’ll come across this video is not available in your country error frequently. This happens when the uploaded video owner restricts the video for particular or geographical location. You’ll encounter this video is not available in your country Chrome Solution. You can also Checkout our recent post on how to Install Mac OS on PC  without using any Mac products.

Bypass youtube country restriction Using Hola :

  1. Make sure, you have Installed Hola Extension and activated it properly. Download Hola Extension for Chrome [Or] Firefox.
  2. Now, get ready to face that error of this video is not available in your country last time.
  3. Open, the URL of youtube video which you are unable to access.
  4. Then Click on Hola Extension Bar. (See below snapshot for more details).
  5. Once, you have clicked on Hola Extension icon, you will see some different country flags there.(See above screenshot for more details).
  6. Select, United States from there, and Reload the page.

Now, you can watch country restricted videos with ease for free.

Bypass youtube country restriction Using Proxy :

ouTube determines the user country by the help of your IP’s. Proxies are the great ways by which you can hide your real IP or identity on the internet. You can use the proxies servers from HideMyAss or you can use can best chrome extension named Proxmate. Proxmate is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox you can install this extension and start watching the restricted YouTube Videos.

|  Unblock YouTube  |  Proxfree  | 

Hence, we’ve succeeded in solving this video is not available in your country  problem using the proxy sites and chrome extension.

How To Download Blocked Youtube Videos :

  • If the blocked video URL be,************
  • Just remove http://www. and enter ss before***********
  • It looks something like this************
  • Click on the download button according to your choice based on the video quality.

Then Enjoy watching the blocked video in your android mobile and iphone and pc.


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