How To Change MAC Address in Android Without Root


Hello guys, looking for changing mac address in your android mobile without rooting?. Here am sharing brief guide about how to change mac address in android without root. Now a days android getting stronger day by day. So that currently new device users can’t root their mobile using normal methods. For beginners rooting is very hard procedure. But in some cases unfortunately many interesting android tutorials requires root access. In this list mac address modifying method also requires root access. So here am back with this tutorial for how to change mac address without rooting android.

MAC stands for Media Access Control, and the mac address of your device is a unique ID consisting of 12 characters. This Mac address is unique for every device. Mac address is used to identify a device on the internet or if connected to a local network such as a WiFi, etc. If you change your Mac address, the unique ID of your device will be modified. You might need to change your Mac address may be because your device has been blocked on a particular router you have been using to access the internet by someone our side other reason. But, the solution remains the same, which is to change the Mac address of your device.

How To Find Mac Address Of Address :

Follow below steps to find your current mac address of your android mobile.

  • Tap on Menu On your Android
  • Then you need to open Settings
  • Then at the end, you will find an option i.e., About device
  • Finally there you can see your devices MAC Address 

How To Change MAC Address in Android :

There are many methods which you can execute to change the MAC address of your Android device. But, we are going to mention the simplest and the easiest methods which can do the same task for you. There are some methods which require your device to be rooted while, there are some methods which, do not require your device to be rooted. Hence, below we are going to list the methods which require your device to be rooted and also the methods which do not require your device to be rooted.

For Rooted Android Users :

  • Download Terminal Emulator in your android mobile.
  • Then enter the command SU one after another and then, hit the enter button.
  • You will now be assured for root permissions. Allow the root permissions and then, enter ‘busybox iplink show eth0‘ in the commands.
  • You will now be shown the original Mac address of your device. Then, enter the command mentioned below.
busybox ifconfig eth0 how ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
  • In place of X, enter your desired MAC address and then, hit enter. Your Mac address will now be changed.
  • Finally, enter the command ‘busybox iplink show eth0‘ and hit enter to confirm the Mac address changed by you.

You will have successfully changed you Mac address permanently.

How To Change Android MAC Address With ChameleMAC : 

In this method, you will need a rooted Android device, busybox and ChameleMAC apps installed on that particular Android device. The steps which you need to know are listed below.

  • At First Download Busybox in your android mobile.
  • Launch the ChameleMAC app which you had unattached in your device.
  • This app then asks you for root permission. Click on the grant option to start exploring the app.
  • You will find two different options. One saying, generate random MAC white the other saying, apply new MAC. Click on generate random MAC if you want a random MAC address but, if you wish to enter a specific MAC address then, click on apply new MAC option.
  • Now, a confirmation box will pop up. Click on the change option if you wish to change your Mac address.

That’s it! Your Mac address has now been successfully changed permanently.:)

How To Change MAC Address in Android Without Root :

This method is for unrooted Android devices and also, this change is only temporary and not permanent. Whenever you reboot your Android device, it will use your original Mac address. For this method, you will-will need an Android device, terminal emulator app installed in it. Then, follow the steps listed below one after another.

  • Launch the app which you had installed and type ‘ip link show.
  • Now, you will be displayed a list of different interfaces. In this list, search for the address that matches your Mac address.
  • To convert it into your Mac address, enter the codes listed below:
ip link set AAAA address XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY


ip link set AAAA broadcast XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY

In the advice courses, AAAA represents the name of the interface that you want to change and XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:Y Y represents the new MAC address which you will be assigning to your Android device. But, always remember that only the last 3 set if characters that are YY:YY:YY can be changed. If you change any of the previous set of characters you will certainly face many issues.

In these simple steps, you will have successfully changed your Mac address temporarily. These were some of the best method for How To Change MAC Address in Android Without Root. which we could find for you and which you can use to change the Mac address of your Android device permanently or temporarily. If you have any better and easy method then, please let us know in the comments section below.


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