Content Marketing Ideas and Strategies for Small Business


Marketing is a crucial facet of any business. There are many different types of marketing, like Internet Marketing, Mouth Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Marketing, Undercover Marketing, Diversity Marketing, etc. Though the success of a business depends on many factors, one of the main factors is a successful marketing strategy.

There was a time when paid marketing was used to acquire customers, but with the increase in business websites and time scarcities, spent marketing is losing its charm. The survey shows that 40% of people use ad blockers on laptops, and 15% of people block ads on mobile. This indicates that more than 50% of the public are uninterested in ads, finding it disruptive while browsing the internet.

On the other hand, content marketing is on the rise. A focused marketing strategy with relevant contents and keywords, targeting a specific audience, for increasing conversions is content marketing. It is also called content strategy.

Unique content + Excellent content strategy = Successful content marketing.

It’s immaterial whether your business is small or big; the goal of any business is a success. The below funnel shows how visitors are attracted to your page, how they value your content, and how these visitors converted to potential customers for the business.

In this article, let’s have a view of some of the active content marketing strategies, which lead to business growth.

Increase Brand & Product Awareness

The first important factor in any marketing strategy is creating knowledge of the product. If the customer is not aware of the existence of the product, how will he purchase it? If the customer is not knowledgeable of your brand, how will he approach you? The logic is simple. If people don’t know you, they will not buy from you.

Brand awareness can be created by showcasing strong content about your company and product, with which the customers can connect instantly. You can also hire professional content writers, who take responsibility for your site’s content and business. Impressive content creates trust and improves conversions.

Analyse Your Target Audience

Before planning for any strategy, it’s better to know your target audience. Study your audience’s mind, their interests, their expectations, etc. and later create a content such as 123movies which instantly connects with them.

E.g., if your target audiences are females, opt for words like “moms,” “daughters,” in your content, which instantly connects with them.

Study their online tendencies and go for the content which attracts them to repeat your site.

Analyse Content Marketing Goals

Focus on what do you expect from content marketing. After setting goals, targets, KPI’s, check which content type will be the best for your business. Blogs, Advertisements, Emails, Articles, E-books, etc. are different types of contents that can be used for your business. Select wisely, as to which content fulfills your requirement and go for it.

Research Keywords

For appropriate keywords, it’s essential to focus on the product, content of the product, and target audience, who will use the product. Many owners feel that keywords hardly matter in content marketing. Their thinking is entirely wrong, since these keywords; show the customers, the way to reach to your site.

Appropriate use of keywords will deliver your message to your target audiences, thus increasing your site visibility and rankings in SEO; since Google uses semantic search to achieve the best results.

Original and Unique Content

No one likes duplication’s. Customers will have a negative impression on the brand if the content they read is duplicated from elsewhere. Avoid copy-writing mistakes and opt for unique content, with relevant keywords to make a lasting impression on customer’s minds.

Not only customers but Google also loves original content. Use SEO keywords for your content, which will boost SEO rankings and make your site visible to the maximum audience.

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Measure the Effectiveness of Content

The effectiveness of the content is directly proportional to ROI (Return on Investment). Content effectiveness can be measured by:

  • Using Google Analytics for web traffic
  • Monitoring email subscriber growth
  • SEO Page rankings
  • Time spent by visitors on your site
  • Social Media shares, likes, followers and feedback
  • Measure CTR (Click through Rate)

Utilize and study these factors to portray an effective, conversion-focused content for grabbing more network traffic.

Make Your Content Noticeable

Appropriate selection of social media platforms, channels, the inclusion of visuals, links, images, SEO optimization, etc. will give attention to your content, making it more noticeable.

Social Media Promotion

Once your content is ready and displayed on blogs, emails, websites, etc. don’t forget to promote it on social media for more conversions.

The social media platform is vast, just like word of mouth. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are popular media platforms used by billions. A glance into the rise of social media is enough to display the ground for promoting products. These platforms help you to connect with a broad audience, thus improving sales. Since people post their views and comments on these media platforms, it widens the door for potential customers, references, and repeat customers.

Security with SSL certificates

SSL certificate installation is a must for any website security. You don’t want hackers and fraudsters stealing your site content or customers, do you? No one does. That’s where SSL certificates come in picture, securing all the pages of your website, preventing them from these cyber-criminals, who attack and damage your business.

Go for Wildcard SSL certificate to secure all your domains and sub-domains; to keep your site safe. Customers automatically trust sites showing SSL security icons, i.e., green padlock and “https” in the address bar.

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Content marketing is a continuing task. Build a strong customer base; it is essential to take care of the minute details step by step.

All business owners love more web traffic, more customer base, more references, and more recurring customers. The price factor is an added advantage in content marketing. It’s not very costly but is sure has lots of benefits for your business. Strategically and meticulously planned content marketing ideas and qualitative SEO friendly readable content, both will lead to site success as well as business success.


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