Creality CR-10s VS Creality CR-10s Pro: a detailed comparison between the two best 3D printers of the Creality family


With cutting edge technology, 3D printers have gained a lot of popularity. Their sheer capability to provide a three-dimensional object as per the image fed to the software of the printer has made them the new face of the technological world. The best part of each 3D printer is the quality prints which can be obtained by using a variety of different filaments. Sometimes, there are so many brands that getting confused over the same is quite expectable.

However, when it comes to the two Creality printers of the 10s version, this same confusion level escalates to a whole new level. Creality CR-10s vs Creality CR-10s Pro which one do you need? both are in high demand, thanks to their impeccable features and their best print quality. However, both these printers differ from each other in many aspects, and that’s what is confusing the buyers.

So, let’s have a look at how Creality CR-10s is different Creality CR-10s Pro and which one will be the best on which factor.

Creality CR-10s VS Creality CR-10s Pro: Box of the printer

Creality CR-10s printer has a separate box while in case of Creality CR-10s Pro has the box integrated into the base station of the printer. This is an added advantage since the latter is space efficient along with being more productive.

In the box of Creality CR-10s, you will find a monochrome screen which is supplied with a rotary end coder. Thus, beeps will be heard whenever you will click on the screen. There will be a USB port and a port of the micro USD card. The presence of Creality board of the second version makes it quite a noisy printer.

In the case of Creality CR-10s Pro, you will find a coloured touch screen with temperature control. The presence of 256 minamicrosteps trinamic divers makes the printer a silent one. So, working with this printer will be noiseless and distraction-free.

Creality CR-10s VS Creality CR-10s Pro: The extruder hotend and the fan

• In case of the Creality CR-10s, the hotend cooling fan is a 40 by 10 axial fan while in case of Creality CR-10s Pro, the fan’s dimensions have changed to 40 by 20. Thus, Creality CR-10s Pro is quite better when it comes to the amount of static air pressure generated for keeping the aluminium bed cool.

• Creality CR-10s works on 12V supply, but the advanced Creality CR-10s Pro version uses 24V for the work.

• Everything in Creality CR-10s is about plastic staring from the filament holder to the inlet grooves and so on. This can lead to the unwanted buckling of the filament upon being pushed forward. On the other hand, in Creality CR-10s Pro, you will find everything to be made from aluminium. Thus there is no question of sagging or buckling of the constrained filament.

Creality CR-10s VS Creality CR-10s Pro: The Y-axis rails and the tensioner

• In Creality CR-10s, the Y-axis is created on a dual rail of 20 by 40 dimensional measurements. On the other hand, in Creality CR-10s Pro, you will find the rail dimensions to be around 40 by 40. This change in the Y-axis rail length has proved to be beneficial for the users since now the reduced Y-axis rail will provide better stability to the aluminium bed.

• There is a tensioner in the front of the rail in case of Creality CR-10s and changing the length of the same will adjust the tension of the bed. However, when it’s about Creality CR-10s, the absence of tensioner is somewhat confusing. The tension of the bed can be changed by adjusting the screws of the belt attacked with the back motor.

• In Creality CR-10s Pro, the Y-axis rail has four wheels on each rail path, and hence, a total of eight wheels supports it. However, in Creality CR-10s, only six wheels are there, three on each rail and the rest support is provided by three eccentric nuts on both the ends.

Creality CR-10s VS Creality CR-10s Pro: the surface of the bed

In Creality CR-10s, the printing bed is made of an aluminium built surface covered with a three-millimetre glass plate. So, there is no extra bonding cover and hence, either you can print on a naked glass surface, or you can yourself attach some bonding film. However, in the case of Creality CR-10s Pro, the three-millimetre glass plate is covered by a bonding film or a built tack material.

Creality CR-10s VS Creality CR-10s Pro: box back portion

• At the back of Creality CR-10s, you will have pilot cables and some aircraft connectors. These are used for introducing connections with all other printer components. In the case of Creality CR-10s, there is an on-off switch and the power inlet port.

• The Y-axis stepper motor is present at the back of both the printers, but in case of Creality CR-10s, it is covered with the tensioner belt projecting outwards. However, in Creality CR-10s Pro, the belt is included inside the box with an angle of ninety degrees for changing the tension on the bed.

• For Creality CR-10s, you need to give a specific clearance space for preventing the bed from ramming into the wall. However, in Creality CR-10s Pro, the mounting of the bed on the top of the box itself has created the clearance space.


Obviously, with Creality CR-10s Pro, everything is better, starting with the autobed levelling, the silent working of the parts, the fixed filament constraint, and so on. However, Creality CR-10s is also a great option.



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