How To Create WhatsApp Account From International Number


How To Create WhatsApp Account From International Number

We all know that WhatsApp is the most used messenger app in Indai. WhatsApp has recently launched windows version so now you can chat with your family and friends by using PC. You all know that we always try to update new latest trick so today we are going to share a Whatsapp trick.
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How To Create WhatsApp Account From International Number.


Nowadays, people wish to use WhatsApp account with a U.S. country number. Simply you can make an account with your U.S. number. The best method to get an own U.S. number is available here.

Features of using U.S Number:

  • More privacy.
  • International number.
  • Keep your phone number secure.
  • Hiding your original number is to get a secure account.
  • Unlimited international calling trick is free.
  • Shock your family members and friends by sending the message with US number.
  • WhatsApp can use with the temporary spoof number.

Steps to create WhatsApp account with U.S. number:

  • The old VoxOx trick is not working now so we have find a new trick to get USA Whatsapp fake number.
  •  First, download and install textPlus app on your Android – Download textPlus.
  • Open the app and Signup new account by entering your details.
  •  After this you will see the dashboard. Now go to the top right tab and you will see an option “Tap to get your textPlus number!“, just click on it.
  • It asks to select the country of which you want number, Select any City and Code. (I selected Florida).

  • Voila!!, You will see your new U.S country number on screen.

  • Now, all you need to do is, Copy your number and make newaccount on Whatsapp with it. You will receive Confirmation message (OTP) in textPlus app (Second number option for reading Messages).

So, this is the latest working method to create Whatsapp account with U.S. number. I, hope you successfully created account using this simplest way. Below is the old method which is no more works now. So, don’t give a try to test that method.




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