Difference between a Normal Mouse and Gaming Mouse


You will never settle for a normal mouse if you are a true gaming enthusiast. Gaming experience has been redefined with a high-end gaming mouse which is better than the traditional mouse in various aspects. Being an occasional gamer, you might stick to your normal mouse but as soon you start diving into it, you will know the difference. Once you start taking your gaming experience on a serious note, the performance, accuracy and efficiency of the mouse will be your primary concern. So, it is important to convince yourself that gaming mouse is different from a normal house. Majority of people fail to differentiate between these two resulting in a bad gaming experience. Here is the comparison between a normal mouse and gaming mouse.

Know how gaming mouse is different from a normal mouse

Higher and customizable sensitivity

Starting from the primary difference, a gaming mouse allows you to customize its sensitivity by changing its DPI ( Dots Per Inch). It can be changed either through the mouse software or button in-built in the device. This customization let you decide the level of mouse sensitivity that can be comfortable for you. When you need the mouse to respond faster, you increase the DPI. Similarly, when you need it to be subtle, you lower the DPI down.

More Durable

Gaming is pretty much passionate and intense thing and evidently, gamers play for long hours. The regular optical mouse is not expected to handle such level of stress and constant movement but gaming mouse does. Gaming mouses are designed to survive through all your pressure clicks, heavy moment and even sometimes the violence, you do while gaming. Their built-quality is better than the usual mouse, giving it more life as well. Buttons are firmer, gliding mechanism and hardware are optimized to ensure the durability.


Normal mouses come in pretty much similar sort of shapes and sizes. But you will find gaming mouse available in way more dynamic range of style, size and design. Some have the claw grip where some have palm grip. Also, there are different sizes so it can fit comfortably in smaller and bigger hands both. Lot of factors in their structure and design are provided to give a certain level of comfort. This allows you to use it for a longer time without any strain or uneasiness in your hands.


As compared to optical mouses, gaming mouses are highly customizable and that is not only in terms of its sensitivity or DPI. Gaming mouses allow you to customize it according to your personal gaming experience. Such kinds of devices let you have extra keys called Macro keys which offer different features. It could be for commands, reloading the gun, interact or does some other set of works which you cannot do simply if you don’t have those buttons. There is a feature of the multi-key toggle and even hotkeys enabling you to send multiple commands and faster actions.

Obviously better performance

This should have been most obvious now as gaming mouse perform better or say best in a gaming experience than a normal mouse. It is way faster, durable and efficient. It is more responsive and doesn’t lag like most of the normal mouses. Last but not least, they are the best because being specifically designed for the ultimate gaming experience.


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