Digital Marketing Failures That Taught Us A Lesson

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Some people love to read other people’s horror stories, but every single one of us goes through life-altering experiences at some point in our lives. Nobody likes messing up anything that they worked hard on, especially when talking about a business marketing its products. And what truly sets the top marketer apart from the rest is that they never fail at their strategies.

However, that is not how every marketer starts their career. Individuals who are successful marketers once had humble beginnings. It was their failures that made them into something five or maybe ten years into their marketing career. It takes more than a few days or weeks to set up a business, and even more to market it and gain thousands of customers.

However, reading up on other people’s failures will allow us to learn lessons and not repeat the mistakes they made. Here are some digital marketing failures of brands and companies that will help you tackle similar issues. But this time, you can learn from what they did wrong and how to avoid such blunders yourselves.

Not Targetting The Right Keywords

Everyone in the digital marketing world knows that organic keywords are of utmost importance. If you don’t understand what your audience wants, how can you know what keywords to use to increase your visibility in front of your target audience?

For example, the Co-founder at Orbit Media Studies, Andy Crestodina, spent more than 20 hours writing a 4000 plus words article, only to fail at choosing the right keywords that targeted his niche. He only went with the most popular keywords at that moment, but he never got the website traffic he was after.

The lesson learned here was that you must not expect your content alone to bring in the traffic you want. You have to conduct proper keyword research to know what will bring in the most traffic at that time and even after two-three years.

Making Changes All At Once

A successful marketing campaign comes from analyzing, iterating, and testing. Marketers are always busy pushing out marketing campaigns, but they do not stop and remind themselves that doing everything all at once can be disastrous. For example, the senior digital marketing director of KoMarekting, Casie Gilette, redesigned her client’s website and introduced a lot of changes. She changed everything from the website content, URLs, and CMS systems. It led to a lot of technical issues, which resulted in a massive loss in online traffic. Revamps can be useful, but only when you know that some benefit can be acquired from the process.

It is important to know that there is no magic pill that leads to success. You should always conduct tests before you implement anything in the real world. That way, you will be able to know if the changes will work out for you or not. The advantage of setting goals is that you will get to know how or where you require improvements once you fail to achieve them.

Not Validating New Ideas Through Customer Research

Nowadays, data-driven marketing is the key to successful customer engagement. It is a must-have for every business that wants to grow and become a success story online. Go ahead and ask any successful marketer, and they will tell you that you should not make business decisions without looking at data to back it up.

Managing director and founder of Discoverable Media, Marc Bitanga, almost made such an error. A stakeholder at his company decided to change their website without consulting Marc and having any data to back his decision. However, Marc collaborated with his UX team and researched by holding feedback sessions with his existing customers. In the end, he was right as no customer liked the change.

Customer satisfaction should be your ultimate focus. Ask them beforehand if they welcome a change or what you already have is working for you. It will help you filter out down-the-drain ideas with successful ones that appease your target audience. Happy customers are more likely to convert into revenue.

Not Having Realistic Expectations And Goals

Every marketer has goals and expectations. However, setting unrealistic ones might cloud your judgment. Making sure that you set realistic expectations and goals is sometimes an uphill task. For example, content creator and PR Sphoorti Bhandare prepared herself one month in advance for a store launch.

As the launch grew closer, everything started to fall apart for her. One week before the launch, she had to postpone it. It helped her realize that she had set a somewhat unachievable task of launching a store in a very tight deadline of one month. In the end, you should always have a clear vision and set goals that you know you can achieve within a given time frame.

Not Utilizing QA Checks

One of the most crucial steps that you should not miss is a quality assurance check. It is key to ensuring that your digital marketing campaign performs well. The COS (chief of staff) of Resident, Scott Mcload, learned the importance of QA checks the hard way. He used landing pages that lead to errors or didn’t even open at all.

In order to provide a seamless user experience to your existing customers or potential prospects, you need to ensure that everything related to your digital marketing campaign works properly and is error-free. It will help you avoid unnecessary headaches in the long run.


Everybody will have days where they will make a lot of mistakes. So, if you’re making a few here and there, there is no need to give up. Every blunder has a meaningful lesson hidden in it. Take the examples we shared with you as they will help you avoid mistakes these marketing professionals made. Be on the lookout for such stories as they help you if you want to make it big as a marketer.


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