Disadvantages of approaching a potential buyer with an overpriced business for sale


The utmost criteria that a buyer sees in a business is its financial condition. So, if you directly go to the buyer with a proposal of overpriced business, there is a high possibility that you will be rejected. This article deals the various factors that will help you determine why you should not approach a potential buyer with an overpriced business for sale.

  • The possibility of rejection:

There is a high chance that you will face rejection if you approach the client with a considerably high price. This is because buyers will often get a valuation done on businesses they are looking to acquire. If the price of your business is deemed to be higher than the valuation they have gotten for your business, they will likely reject your offer outright. In these cases, even if the buyer has the intention of buying a business, he will reject the business for being overpriced or try to negotiate down substantially below what you were looking to get for the business.

  • The client will delay your proposal:

If you go to the client with such a proposal, even if he doesn’t reject it, there is an elevated chance that the client will ask for time, hence delaying the proposal. He will keep you waiting and there will be no end to it. This means that your time and money will be wasted if the client has no intention of buying the business. In this way, you will never be able to choose a buyer for your business and all the efforts that you’ve put in to sell your business will be in vain.

  • Considerable time will be wasted in justifying the price:

If a client has no intention of buying a business, there is no time in convincing him of the price and justifying the reason for increasing price. It will just be a waste of time as the client will never agree to the terms that are not convenient for him. It is better to save your time rather than waste it while negotiating the price of the business without convincing the buyers.

What to do in order to avoid this situation?

  • Get a proper business evaluation:

A proper business evaluation should be done in order to avoid any problems in dealing with the business. All the benefits of the business must be made clear to the buyers. Close details of the locality where such buyers will be available must also be evaluated. A proper evaluation is must in order to attract buyers who will be bound to agree with the prices illustrated by the seller if there is actual data to back it up.

  • Hire a business broker who can help you close the deal:

A business broker has an important role in finalizing the deal of the business. So, it is must that an efficient broker must be present in order to close the deal which will help you earn a profit on the business you’re trying to sell. An efficient broker will not only find you a suitable buyer but will also negotiate the price and structure the deal. This becomes important when you have no idea about the potential buyers for the businesses operating in your area. For example, if you’re having a Nevada business for sale, it’s vital to hire a business broker who knows about the market conditions of Nevada.



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