Easy method to find lost android phone imei


find lost android phone imei – Now a days everyone using android mobile for multiple purposes. On the market you can get your desired android mobile with expected specifications with low price. The android devices identified by imei number. You can find android phone by imei number easily. Sometime we lost our android mobile phone by mistake. Or it’s theft by someone. In the time we need to find imei android for locate android phone with imei. But after lost the mobile, we can’t find the imei number. Basically if you have the mobile box cover in your home. You can check your imei number in the phone cover box. But if you don’t have purchased box and bill you don’t were able to do anything. So that am gonna share this method for ind lost andrid phone imei.

Here in the post, am sharing how to find android imei with mobile and without mobile. The below two method working fine in all android mobile. If you have the working google account linked with your android or already used in the android, You can find lost android phone imei. Just follow the below methods.

How To Find Lost Android Phone Imei :

You have to use working gmail account which you already used in android mobile.

  • Just click on android and open the menu.
  • In the mobiles list search your brand.
  • Here you can get your android phone imei number.

You can also ring the mobile or lock & erase data features, If your device connected with android device manager. Device manager tool is one of the great service of google.  You can track your lost android mobile location in map without paying anything.

How To Activate Android Device Manager :

Android Device Manager Is the android tracing system for track your android phone by imei number. You can connect your mobile with google and use it. When you lost your mobile, You can just erase all data and lock the device using google.

  • Goto Settings > Security
  • Here you can get all your security settings, Just choose device administrators.
  • Then select Android Device Manager and open.
  • Now enable android device manager from here.

This process works through the google play services. You can lock android mobile when you lost it. and erase all contacts and important files and change the lock screen and password by using Android Device Manager. In the service you can Ring your android mobile by just open the google dashboard and open android services. This method works on all android mobile versions.


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