How To Enable Two Step Verification In Whatsapp


How To Enable Two Step Verification In Whatsapp ?. Now a days in this technology world, every most popular online sources providing two step verification process for adding more security for secure their online accounts. In this list you can now enable two step verification in whatsapp for secure your whatsapp account from hackers and phishers. Whatsapp is the most popular messenger service for free. Now it’s allows users to enable two step verification for security purposes. Simply follow the below steps and enable two step verification in whatsapp.

In this current updated world many hackers attacked online accounts and their privacy details easily. When your devices like android and pc hijacked by hackers and spammers. They can easily able to access your all whatsapp chat messages and important files. So that whatsapp has launched this advanced security method called two step verification for secure your whatsapp account from hackers.

How To Enable Two Step Verification In Whatsapp :

In the previous whatsapp versions, you can’t use this two step verification in general apps. You can only use this on beta versions. But now you can get this feature in all updated whatsapp messenger apps. It is not compulsory to enable this option in whatsapp if you think you are 100 safe. But if you want secure whatsapp from hackers, You can use this useful security option.

  • Open whatsapp messenger in your android mobile and go to settings.
  • On the Account section you can get Two Step Verification button and enable it.
  • Then you have to create six digit of pass code.
  • Again enter the six digit pass code and confirm it.
  • Now you will get notification that you are enabled two step verification in whatsapp.
  • You can add your email address in here for recovery email address for whatsapp.

When you forgot the passcode, you can recover your forgotten passcode with your recovery email address. As per Whatsapp Faq When you entered your email address in your recovery option whatsapp never verify your email by verification links. So that check your given email address twicely before finish the recovery email option.

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This method available in all latest whatsapp version’s. When you open your whatsapp, It will ask to enter your 6 digit passcode for view the received messages. You are now completely secured with whatsapp messenger from hackers and phishers. Share this post with your friends…


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