Event Blogging Guide To Make Money Without Ranking


Here is the brief guide about how to create event blogging blog for make huge money in short time with Event Blogging Guide 2018. Have you tried Event based Niche blogging till now? If you are working on event based niche blog and you got it ranked then you can make good amount of money in just 7-10 days. You can start a event blog nearly 15 days before the event and can get it ranked by writing some good content and doing link building(Actually Spam link building). So today hereby i am sharing some tips you can use to build backlinks to your event based niche blog easily in just 3-4 days. and the purpose to make Event based niche blogs.

Event based blogs are the one which mainly receives traffic on an event and is about a event like Happy new year 2018 quotes, Friendship day 2018 Quotes, Valentines day 2018 Quotes etc. Main Aim of these types of blog is earnings. You can earn more money in less time by event based niche blogging. Event based niche blogging is a complete boon for bloggers who want to make much money in short span of time. You have to concentrate on several on page and off page techniques for this blog and yeah you have to do it quick, you have to be quick if you want to be successful in Event Based Niche Blogging.

Event Blogging Guide To Make Money :

You can Monetize your Event blog in many ways:

  • Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika
  • Affiliate marketing
  • CPA offers
  • Your own product
  • various Ad networks

How to Get Backlinks For Event Blogging Blogs :

To build backlinks for Event based niche blog you have to find auto Approve+dofollow blogs and spam them completely. Doing this will get your blog on top quickly for sometime. I consider only 3 methods for building backlinks for a event based niche blogs, that are blog commenting, taking sitewide links and directory submission. yeah, these 3 things everybody knows but no one know how to find blogs to comment on for event based blog and how to find directories. So below i am sharing some methods to find Blogs for blog commenting, directory submission and how to get Site wide Links.

How To Find Event Blogs For Commenting For Do Follow Backlink :

If you want to do a complete research to find Auto approve blogs then you have to buy the member ship of any one of these otherwise you will only get some blogs. Well I prefer Cognitive SEO for you as it is inexpensive and easy to use. So let’s start how to find auto approve blogs using Cognitive SEO.

Firstly, find some event niche blogs which got good traffic during the event. Find nearly 3-4 blogs and note them down. After noting them down, go to cognitive seo backlink checker tool and analyse that blog’s backlink. You will find some blogs which you have not seen before(if you are not a niche blogger )

Copy the blog URL’s which are found during the analysis of others event based niche blogs.
and go one by one to those blogs, you will find that the blogs have good PR, auto approve + dofollow comments. Make Backlinks on those blogs as much as possible. Oh sorry! i mean spam them completely but not on a single post, go to different, different posts and spam them.

I hope this article will helps you to improve your blogs with this Event Blogging Tips. So follow all above steps carefully and enjoy make money with event blogging.


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