Features to Look for in a POS System


A seamless POS system can make your retail business successful if it has the right features that suit your needs. The technology is being used in the hospitality industry to increase efficiency, control operations, and boost profits. Essential POS system features allow business owners to spend less time than before following their operations so that they can work on expanding their business. The wrong POS system will be a source of frustration and a waste of time and money. Entrepreneurs ought to look into POS system features to ensure that they suit their restaurant or business needs.

Shared data

Most POS systems are now linked to customer service, accounting and marketing departments in the business to make the transfer of essential data easier than before. Therefore, you need to invest in software that makes sharing of data easy and efficient to enhance the operations of employees better than before. For instance, a cashier can quickly identify a client by scanning their loyalty card then transfer the purchase details to the marketing department.

Inventory management

All POS software allows businesses to track inventory and process payments. However, you need to invest in a POS system that integrates well with your ERP software if you want to get the maximum benefits of the software. Proper integration of the system with your ERP software is integral in offering you a detailed insight into the behaviors of clients and control over your inventory. The POS system feature is crucial because it automatically updates your inventory upon completion of a sale.

Additionally, it offers you ways to manage inventory by alerting you when the inventory is completed to notify you when to order. It also automatically updates the stock so that you have access to data in real time. The inventory management feature in a POS system lets you know the favorite items and the unpopular ones, which enables you to maintain inventory levels accordingly.


Most of your items have a standard price. However, some situations, such as bulk orders, loyalty programs, and promotions require that you apply a special price at the time of purchase. Traditionally, such varying circumstances would necessitate calculation of the cost at the register. Fortunately, the POS system has a feature that allows you to maintain a record of price variations in the system. The system ensures that the appropriate price is applied automatically when the client is run through the system, which reduces the chances of inconstancies and mistakes.

Automated purchasing program

A good POS system ensures a streamlined process of connecting with your suppliers. The system gets in touch with your suppliers immediately your business runs low on essential products. The automatic purchasing program feature enables the POS system to place an order with the specific quantity of the product. The feature acts as an e-procurement system for the business.

Built-in bookkeeping

Built-in bookkeeping, just like inventory management, it enables businesses to ensure efficiency by reducing potential mistakes. It is essential to track finances in real time to keep you regularly informed on the state of your business. Most businesses waste a lot of time and money before they realize the importance of the built-in bookkeeping feature in POS systems. The system processes sales and purchase orders and invoices them so that you can see the profitability of the business in real time. The feature is integral in giving business owners confidence since they are aware of their finances.


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