How to Locate And Use Your Soulmate Filter On Instagram?


Are you looking for your Soulmate? Do you wish to know where is your Soulmate? Is he/she is near you or not? 

Well, you can all do this with the help of “Soulmate Filter” on Instagram. This is often known as “ Soulmate Radar Filter”. This will allow youtube to gather information, where is your Soulmate-  

So, this article will assist you- How you can open this filter in your account and how to use it effectively- 

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How to get Soulmate Instagram Feature?

Through this section, you will be able to save your “Soulmate” feature on your front-facing camera screen. You can even use it once if you don’t want to preserve it. 

This soulmate feature is created by “erikasnacks”. So, to avail of this soulmate feature, you have to visit the profile of its producer. Here, is a detailed guide for you:

  • To visit her profile, open your Instagram app and then head to the “Explore” screen. Now, search in the search bar at the top for “Erikasnacks”. 

Filter 1

  • When you reach her profile, then tap on the “Filters” section. Scrow down below and then go for the “Soulmate Radar” filter. 

Filter 2

  • If you want to use this filter frequently then save it or you can directly use it for once. If you go for saving the filter then next time you can directly use it from your filters as it will be attached to your filters in your account. 

Filter save

It is best to save the filter rather than again following the exact procedure for the next time. Once you are done with preserve the filter, the next is how to use it. 

So, to know, how to use it, quickly go through the next section and enjoy your filter and find your soulmate. 

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How to use the Soulmate Filter?

Follow the below-listed procedure to use the soulmate filter, if you have saved the “Soulmate Radar” filter. For using it, quickly acquaint yourself with the below-listed steps:

  • Launch your Instagram app, if it is not opened. Now, visit your camera on the top left corner of your screen.
  • At the center of your screen, you will get an orange color symbol, swipe it right or left as your need to locate the filter. This filter only works when it recognizes the face on the screen. So, be assured that your front camera is on. 


  • Now, click and hold the filter button. It will take few seconds to show where is your soulmate. Firstly, it will check all the available options for you, displaying to you then it will settle on one. This is the answer to your question- Where is your soulmate. The most popular answers are:
  1. Your Soulmate is 666 miles apart from you. 
  2. Your Soulmate is walking in the wrong direction. 

     And even sometimes you get wonderful results like- 

  1. Your Soulmate is under your nose.
  2. Your Soulmate is right behind you.  
  • Once, you get your answer, now release the filter button. Now, you will get two options, either you can save the video or share it directly with your friends. So, save the video for later usage or send it directly right away. 

Let us know what results the filter has for you. Do share your soulmate’s place with us. Hoping the answer is useful for you. 

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Final Thoughts:

Well, we hope all the above information is useful to you and you are able to know where is your soulmate. If you like this filter, then you can also follow the Erikasnacks on Instagram so that you will be updated with all her latest creations. Moreover, do share the answer with this us. 

For any queries, feel free to connect with us.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the soulmate filter on Instagram known as?

Well, the filter is known as “Soulmate Radar” and also let us know where is your soulmate right now. 

What is the Soulmate filter on?

You can access this filter by Instagram stories. It allows you to find out where is your soulmate right now. Popularly it is known as “Soulmate Radar Filter”. It is easy to use, you have simply placed it on your face. In few seconds, the result will be shown.  

Where is your Soulmate Filter on Instagram?

Firstly, you need to save the filter from the creator’s profile- “Erikasnacks”. Once you save it, it will be directly available to you, when you open your camera. To know the exact procedure, refer to the above information. 

What types of answers do we get from the Soulmate Instagram feature?

The results of the filter are interesting and intriguing. Here, are some of the answers that people usually got:

  • Your Soulmate is 666 miles apart from you. 
  • Your Soulmate is walking in the wrong direction. 

And even sometimes you get wonderful results, which left the user’s in utmost relishing like- 

  • Your Soulmate is under your nose.
  • Your Soulmate is right behind you.  


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