How use google alerts for find who copy your blog posts


How to find who copy your blog posts?. Bloggers and website admins now a days stealing contents for improve their website. Many bloggers losing their seo traffic due to too much of copy paste bloggers. When updating your blog with fresh content and looking for find out your content is stolen by someone or not, Here is the easy way. Here am sharing this easy way to find who stealing your blog post without your permission. Every blogger must know about this method for secure your blog from losing seo. It is also important to improve your website traffic and performance.

In some web tools like duplicate content checker tools, you can check only your content is plagiarized or not from other sites. There are no tools available for find who copy your blog posts. In this situation we can use Google Alerts for Find your content is re index by someone in google. By using google alerts you can make this content stolen tracker method very easily. Simply follow the below mentioned steps and track your copy pasted contents.

What Is Google Alerts ?

Google alerts is a tool for get notifications about your interesting contents. For make your blog seo more powerful there are many methods to improve your blog. In some cases you have to be first for important seo secrets. In this time you can use google alerts for getting notifications about when some pages indexed in google with your particular query. For example if you are interested in building backlinks to your website, Simply type how to get backlinks. Then you will get notified when new posts are indexed in google with your query. By using google alerts you can become first on all latest methods on all section.

How to find who copy your blog posts using google alert :

  • Simply open Google alerts and sign in with your gmail.
  • Now enter any special sentence from your blog post in search box.
  • Now choose the desired preferences in settings.
  • Click on sources and select desired option where you want to monitor.
  • Choose All Results in how many section for get notify while index every time.
  • Now save and start monitoring your post content on web for plagiarism.

How To Use Configure Alerts For Any Keyword :

Here is the steps to configure google alerts for any keyword. Am monitoring the keyword as My Name for get alert when someone using my name on web. This is the screenshot of Google Alerts configurations.

  • How Often – How many Alerts you want to receive per day.
  • Sources – Where you want to monitor [ Blogs, web, news, video, Discussion ]
  • Language – Choose the keyword language.
  • Region – Get alerts from specific country webpages.
  • How Many – For track only best results or all results.
  • Deliver To – Enter your gmail account or feed, Where you want to receive notifications.

Here is the result of my given keyword. After setup my google alerts for my desired keyword Sasi Kumar, The below page indexed in google with the text Sasi Kumar.

In this tool, You can get many options to get monitor your particular words. Finally save your gmail address of feed for receive alerts. The post contents and any text indexed with your particular query, You will receive notification in your gmail inbox. So that you can monitor your contents and remove them by report copied contents to google.

Not only your blog posts, you can monitor any keyword in google search for new indexes for alerts when someone using the particular keyword on google. If you are blogger and searching for new backlinks sources. Simply type “How to get backlink from”, “Article submission sites” and directory submission for when someone create a post about new backlink sources. So you can never miss anything from google for your future results for interested topics. I hope this article will helps you. Share this post with your friends.


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