Fix Connections to Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Displays in Windows 10

Fix Connections to Bluetooth

In today’s world, wireless devices have taken wired devices such as earphones, headphones, speakers etc. All wireless devices work on Bluetooth technology. Without Bluetooth, no wireless device can work.

That’s why Bluetooth devices are top-rated now among every person and have excellent sound quality. These devices are compatible as well. Bluetooth devices and wireless displays are on the rise because of their compatibility and ease of access. The very thought of headphones or wireless displays without a cable seems inviting. There is a fair chance that you will buy peripherals for your computer which will have the feature to connect via Bluetooth.

But we know that there are pros and cons of any technology. So, in this case, also, problems occur sometimes. The problem is that connections fail, sometimes using Bluetooth devices.

Fix Connections to Bluetooth

What causes problems in Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays?

Whenever you are facing a connectivity issue, there are various methods that you could try in an attempt to fix Bluetooth connection issue on Windows 10. The causes of issues that one might face are very broad-ranging from drivers to trim options in the settings. Ther are a few of the reasons are mention:

· Your PC is not discoverable to other Bluetooth devices. If it is not visible, so the connection will not be established.

· Bluetooth driver of PC is outdated or not working properly.

· The device might be paired but not connected. This occurs in most of the devices if you connect more than one Bluetooth device, simultaneously.

· The wireless display may not be connected correctly or may not be supported.

Just make sure that you have an administrator account and have an internet connection. Also, make sure that you have Bluetooth supported computers. Regular PC don’t usually have Bluetooth built-in. You to have additional purchase hardware. At the same time, most of the laptops have in-built Bluetooth.

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However, the solutions, as mentioned earlier, are fundamental; there might be chances that the issue doesn’t get resolved. If the problem still occurs, then there are some other options which you have to look for.

These solutions are given below:-

Solution 1: Making your Pc Discoverable(Bluetooth)

If you are unable to connect to your Bluetooth from the other device or vice-versa, you need to make sure that the Bluetooth is indeed visible to other devices. By default, the discoverability is concealed from all other connected Bluetooth devices, and you have to enable it manually.

Fix Connections to Bluetooth

To enable this, follow the given steps:

Step-1: Press Window+S, type “settings” in the dialogue box, and open the Settings application.

Step-2: Once in Settings, click on the sub-category of Devices.

Step-3: Once in devices, click on Bluetooth from the left navigation bar and make sure that Bluetooth is on. Now select More Bluetooth options.

Step-4: Under the tab of Options, make sure that the option. Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC is enabled.

Step-5:Now when you head back to the main Bluetooth screen, you will hopefully see your device with the option” Ready to pair”

If you have Bluetooth devices connected to your computer, you should perform the following steps to connect to it.

1-Press Windows+ A to launch the Action bar.

2-Now select the button Connect present and click on the device which you want to connect.

Solution 2- Updating Bluetooth driver

If there are problems in maintaining an established connection from your computer, then check for Bluetooth drivers are up-to-date and are not corrupt. This issue occurs with a lot of users potentially later a Windows Update, which probably not a proper environment for the old drivers. If the user uses a PC and has attached additional hardware for Bluetooth, you need to have the latest drivers installed for that specific hardware since it is third-party and not part of your motherboard.

Step-1: Press Windows + R,type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue box and press Enter.

Step-2: Once in the Device Manager, select the option of Bluetooth to expand the category. Once in, locate your Bluetooth hardware.

Right-click it and select Update Driver Software.

Step-3: Now, you have two options. Either you can attempt updating the driver Automatically(through windows update) or Manually. You can first try to update Automatically. If that doesn’t run, you have to go to the manufacturer’s website, and later download the driver, for the software, After downloading, you have to follow the manual method as mention above.

Step-4: Restart your computer after installing the drivers and check if the error message went away.

Solution -3: Troubleshooting Miracast Devices

Miracast enables users to display multimedia content between Miracast supported devices seamlessly. It is helpful to connect two specific devices using network infrastructure or Wi-Fi. This method is the standard method of connectivity in the market. Ther are a few troubleshooting techniques which can resolve your issue.

First, you need to make sure that your computer supports Miracast. You can check the information that came with the product or by navigating to the manufacturer’s website.

To find out if your computer supports Miracast, follow the steps listed below:

Step-1: Press Windows+ R,type “dxdiag” in the dialogue box and press Enter.

Step-2: Now navigate to the System tab and click on the button. Save all information. You will be asked for a location to save the content. Choose Desktop

Step-3:Now open the text file and under System Information, you will whether your device supports Miracast or not.

Step-4: Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on and connected to the internet.

Step-5: Make sure that the display you want to project also supports. If it doesn’t, you can easily purchase a Miracast adapter that will plug into an HDMI port.

Step-6: Restart both your computer and the device before attempting to connect again.

Solution 4: Troubleshooting WiGig devices

WiGig is a newer technology that supports the data transfer of around seven gigabytes per second. This is approximately 10times faster than the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. Whenever you connect WiGig devices, you can implement the subsequent troubleshooting steps and recognise that your issue gets resolved.

· Make sure that your computer supports WiGig and is turned on. If your computer has WiGig, you can easily see in the Settings->Network and Internet->Airplane Mode.

· You also need to make sure that the display also supports WiGig.If it doesn’t, you would need a WiGig dock.

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These are the possible solutions in Windows 10 which can be used to solve the problem of fixing connections to Bluetooth devices and wireless display. And Bluetooth devices and wireless display are being used by many people nowadays, so it might be possible that they face this problem. But using any of the solutions mentioned above, suited for their PC or Laptop, their problem will be easily resolved.


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