Free Data Recovery using EaseUS


Data is one of the most important material for anyone. Almost all the data are saved in Mobile Phones, Laptops and Computers. All of these involves Data Storage devices which are magnetic based which means that they use either SSDs or Hard Disks which are mostly affected by magnets. There are several reasons for data loss which includes:

  • Electricity Failure
  • Delete by mistake
  • Formatting Partitions
  • Partitions getting corrupted
  • Corrupted Hard Disks
  • Misshaped Hard Disk.
  • Viruses
  • Malware Attacks

All these are various types of issues for data loss.  EaseUS Data Recovery is a great way to recover lost data which might occur due to any of the above issue. There are even different types of software which promise up to 99% of recovery but they do include a premium over the basic cost. EaseUS Data Recovery is a great way to get backup of your lost data.

There are different plans which include Data Recovery let us have a look at all the different plans which are included with the software, and also have what they have to offer to any particular client of the software.

Free Data Recovery

In Free Data Recovery software you can recover up to 2GB of Data from your corrupted partitions. This type of recovery data of deleted, formatted, inaccessible data from different types of data loss situations. T supports recovery from PCs, laptops, hard disks, server and raids which basically packs all the different type of materials. If the recovery is corrupted or converted as raw it will still be able to recover each and every data. It can export and import the scan result report.

Data Recovery Wizard Pro

With this wizard we can recover as much data as we want. Although we will have to pay a premium of around 70$ which will include all the different type of data recovery software feature which the free one offers with additional support of free lifetime upgrade and technical support 24 x 7 which will be free. We will also get a license copy which will only be a single computer license which is a downside of the software.

Data Recovery Wizard Pro + WinPE

This recovery wizard offers all the features which comes with the above two plans the extra apart from all these we will also have the previlage to recover our files even when our system fails to boot. This plan for Data Recovery Wizard Software is available at 100$. The application is available only as a single license system to install the software.

Data Recovery Wizard Technician

This license is good for technicians who need to install the software on their main system and keep recovering the data of the people who wants to take their service. It comes at a high premium of 300$ and is the costliest offering of Ease US Data Recovery.

If you have any query about the software or have earlier used the software then do let us know your experience and query in the comment section below so we can help you out with the same.



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