How To Get Adsense Approval For Wapka Site


We all Know google adsense is the best high paying ad network in the world. Google adsense cpc rates are too good than other ad networks. By Using adsense, anyone can make money using their blogs/sites. Here am sharing this tutorial for Wapka admins who facing problems with google adsense. Usually adsense does not not approves your site easily. adsense have many rules and conditions for approve your site in their publisher program. Adsense Crawlers need some quality contents from your site. If you are looking for How to get Adsense approval for wapka site. you are in the right place. Here am sharing my first post related wapka site for getting approval in google adsense. Read all below methods carefully, befor submitting your site to google adsense publisher program. Follow Below steps to Get Adsense Approval For Wapka Site.

Get Adsense Approval For Wapka Site

Read – Google Adsense Terms And Conditions For Wapka

How To Get Adsense Approval For Wapka Site :

  • Top-Level Domain For Your Wapka Site : Adsense does not approve any site with sub domains like / / like this. Buy top level domain name for your wapka site. top level domain example (.com, .net, .org, .in etc…).
  • Get Good Organic Traffic : Google Requires Organic Reach for your site for approve your site. Google does not asks minimum traffic traffic requirements to get approval. But getting organic traffic will make your site qualifier to use adsense. Because it helps you to get high paying adsense ads in your wapka site. Add your site in google analytics too.
  • Quality Contents In Wapka Site : Use Good Looking Css and Responsive Look. (Dynamic Look Will help your site to get easily approved by adsense). Don’t use too much of colors and annoying texts in your wapka site. Don’t allow spam posts in your forums.
  • Add Required Pages : For adsense crawlers easily understand your site. Add about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms of usage pages. It’s Important step to get approval in wapka site.

Required Contents :

For Getting Approval You Must Add These Pages In Your Wapka Site. Because adsense crawlers will easily understand your site is what about.

  • About Us Page – Just Add Info’s About You And Your Site.
  • Contact Us Page – Add Your Contact Details Like Email and Facebook
  • Privacy Policy Page – Write about your site’s Privacy policy
  • Term Of Usage – Add some terms of your site.

Follow all above steps carefully and follow all adsense terms in your site. Definitely you will get adsense approval within short time. Basically Google Adsense Approval Time is Minimum 3 Days. So, if you are submitting your site in google adsense, Remove all other Local ad Networks like Annoying Popups And Banners. Am also Getting adsense approval in my wapka site by using all above tips. So i hope it will helps you to your adsense approval related questions and problems.



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