How To Get Android Oreo Boot Animation In Any Android


Android 8.0 Oreo is the upcoming android version. Here am sharing How To Get Android Oreo Boot Animation In your android. Boot logo is the first thing that comes up while turning on your smartphone. Currently, you are stuck with a boot animation of Android Nougat or below, right? But what if you can get the boot animation of the all new Android Oreo which is not even released yet. Yes, we have a way now to do so. If you want it, just follow our guide here to Enable Android O Boot Animation on your Android Device. So, if you own an Android smartphone that is rooted and want to get rid of current boot logo, you are at the right place. This guide will teach you how to change boot logo on Android smartphones.

This procedure was possible because of the XDA developer TechBurner. He’s the one who created this Android O boot animation. The Oreo boot animation features the Oreo biscuits that move over the screen. Take a look at the image above.Let’s check out how to Enable Android O Boot Animation on your Android Device. I mean any Android smartphones without any issues!

Disclaimer :

We are not responsible for any damage that might happen to your device in this process. Keep that in mind and do it at your own risk even if you are following this guide.  This guide is written carefully detailing all necessary steps and by following it you agree that you understand these risks. If you are clear with all that, let us begin and get into the procedure now.

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  • You need root access on your Android smartphone.
  • You also need a file manager with root access.
  • Perform a backup of your device before proceeding.

Download Android O Boot Animation :

Boot – Link

How To Get Android Oreo Boot Animation :

  • Download the boot animation file from the link above and transfer it to your phone’s internal memory.
  • Now, open the file explorer on your phone (It must have root explorer, we recommend ES Explorer or Root Explorer from Play Store).
  • Go the directory /System/Media.
  • There, find the existing boot animation file whose name is
  • Rename it to something like
  • Now copy and paste the boot animation zip file that you downloaded to the current directory.
  • Make sure that the Mount R/w is selected.
  • After that, touch and hold the file and select Permissions.

  • Enable rw-r-r in the permissions – tick Read on all rows and Write on Owner row.
  • You are now enabled android oreo boot animation in your mobile.

If you want to rollback and get to your original boot animation again, you know what to do. Just delete or rename the file you put there and rename the original file that was there before to “”. That’s all from us here. Hope you enjoyed the guide to Enable Android O Boot Animation on your Android Device. If you liked it, share and drop a comment below.


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