How to get backink from disqus comments


Disqus is currently used by many webmasters for comment system in wordpress. By using default ogin comments widget you can get backlink from any wordpress site. But with using disqus login comments we can’t add site url’s for getting a backlink from any wordpress sites and blogs. So that am gonna share you this exclusive method to How to get backink from disqus comments. Just follow the below steps to get pr9 backlink from disqus. It’s not the basic profile link like wordpress comments. By adding your site in your disqus comments, You can get quality backlink from disqus comments.

Backlinks are important thing in search engine optimization for improve ranking in search engines. Backlinks are divided in three types good,bad and useless. Useless backlinks mean getting backlink from spam sites and other black hat sites which blocked by google. While google bots crawl our site to index our pages. Backlinks are help us to improve the serp status. Disqus comments are not spam and others. You can boost your alexa rank and google page rank using disqus comments. Just follow the beow simple steps to get backlink from disqus.

How to get backink from disqus :

  • Now open disqus home and click on the settings icon in top right corner.

  • Here you can get your profile modify options like other sites.
  • Then paste your website url in website section.

  • Then save the settings and open your profile.
  • You can see your website url in profile section.

  • That’s all. Now enjoy the pr9 backlink from disqus.

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By submitting your site url in disqus dashboard, You can get pr9 backlink easily from disqus. Then enjoy improve ranking and seo with disqus login comments. Avoid spam comments while commenting other sites. This method works fine to get pr9 backlink from disqus comments easily. Comment here, if you have any questions.


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