How to secure facebook account from hackers


Hello guys, facebook is the most popular social network in the world used by billions of peoples. Currently many hackers trying to attack and Hackear Facebook for making money. Hackers now a days doing facebook hacking for earn money by selling it. As per the research over millions of hackers attack facebook accounts everyday with multiple types of attacks. Many security researchers found many bugs in facebook and report them on bug bounty facebook team for make money. In short way some peoples are using bugs doing fb hacking for attack someone facebook for online purposes. So we have to protect our facebook accounts from hackers.

Many social networks are providing many security tips to users for prevent them accounts from hackers. Because hackers are now powerful and they can hack any accounts with small bug instantly. So self protection is important now a days. Here am sharing some tips and methods about facebook hacking hacking for secure your accounts from hackers and other phishers. In some cases you can loss your accounts by open malicious links and dangerous sites. So read the below post and secure your account from hackers.

Hackear Facebook Methods To Secure :

Hack Facebook With Phishing :

Phishing is the simple way to attack any facebook user by giving fake login page. Now you can create phishing pages very easily by using some online tools for any site like facebook and gmail. Basically phishing is well known by many users and some beginners don’t know about it. Is is an fake login page and show you the similar pages like real login page. You can use zshadow and some other online tools for make phishing page and hack accounts by simply sending a link to victim. Previously am sharing a brief guide about how to hack facebook accounts with zshadow simply read it and secure your accounts from phishing.

How To Create Phishing Page For Hack Facebook :

You can simply visit zshadow and create new account on their site. Then just create a fake phishing page and send the page link to your friends.

  • Open zshadow and create new account.
  • Now choose the phishing page flag and continue.
  • Select the flag with victim country and click on create new page.
  • Choose the facebook version as victim’s browser.
  • You can create phishing page for mobile and pc version too.
  • Select the User Agent as desktop or Android mobiles.
  • Now create your phishing page and copy the url of phishing page.
  • Now share with your friends and wait for them login.

Finally you are successfully created the phishing page and you can hack your friends with phishing now. Simply open zshadow and click on top menu. Then select My Victim and view their login details.

How To Secure Your Accounts From Phishing :

  • Never login to your accounts with others devices.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links by unknown users.
  • Avoid bot sites for auto liker and auto comment bots.
  • Avoid spam emails on your email inbox which asks facebook login.

Hack Facebook With Keylogging :

Keylogging is another popular method to hack someone accounts without knowing them. Many facebook accounts hacked by using this method. Keylogger is the simple dangerous program that can install in your device and store all typed values like passwords, emails, credit card details and other all typed values. Once a hacker installed keylogger on your device, They can access your all typed contents via their email’s.

How To Secure Your Accounts From Keylogger :

  • Scan your computer everyday with antivirus.
  • Delete all unwanted programs and files.
  • Avoid hacking softwares and unauthorized software.
  • Only use trusted software and scan them everyday.

Hack Facebook With Cookie Stealing :

Cookies are the files that stored in your hard drive. Cookies are stored in your browser and file storages for instant access on authentication required sites without every time logging in. Have you think about in anytime, How hackear facebook account directly open in your browser without login. The answer is it is the work of cookies. When we browsing on some sites and create a account on their site. We have to provide the login details and it will be stored on browser for next time access. So hackers can easily steal them and use them for hack your accounts without getting your password. Cookie stealing method does not requires any password and email access your account on any browser. Hackers are using firesheep for bypass browser authentication. They can simply clone your cookies and get your account access without the password.

Firesheep only works when the hacker and victim is on the same wifi network, A side jacking method is also called and similar to Http session hijacking. It’s basically targeted towards wifi users

How To Protect Yourself From Cookie Stealing :

  • Avoid Open wifi networks for using facebook and gmail.
  • Don’t allow to leak your cookies over http.
  • Always use virtual private network

How To Restore Your Accounts :

Restoring account is the best way when you find suspicious activity in your facebook profile. Facebook has providing the official method to restore your accounts for improve the facebook account security from your side. Simply openĀ and click on my account is compromised. Then follow all procedures to restore your account. You can remove primary email, change name, remove unwanted and suspicious facebook apps and other account access easily.

I hope this hackear facebook online methods will helps you to secure your accounts from hackers. Share it with your friends.


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