How to be a real Freelance Writer: 7 Tips for Working Remotely traveling the World


There are countless pieces of content out there about how profitable freelance writing is and the essential steps to get you started. They all make it look easy; just sign up on job boards, pick freelance writing jobs, and your entire life becomes wonderful – travel around the world, sit on the beach, and get your next article published on Huffington Post, Forbes, or New York Times.

If this is what you think freelance writing is all about, you might be looking in the wrong career direction. Being a traveler and a freelance writer can be overwhelming especially for newbies. Here are tips to help you become a real freelance writer, work remotely, and travel around the world.

1. Do the mathematics

Yes, budget.

Calculate your net monthly income, whether from remote jobs, freelance clients, or blog affiliates. Compute all your recurring monthly expenses like a student loan, mortgage, and cell phone bills. Deduct these expenses from your net monthly income.

The remaining part of your income should take care of your food and other necessary expenses. Budgeting your income makes it easier for you to allocate some resources to your travel activities and choose the most affordable locations as well.

2. One step at a time

Selling all your possessions and visit the world’s top travel destinations on your first trip isn’t a prudent thing to do. In fact, it’s wise to take a trial and find out what it takes to operate your business while traveling. Plan a short trip (one to three weeks), book a short stay in time and plan your trip perfectly. Next time you can go far, stay longer, and keep on traveling.

3. Think about your anticipated working environment

You will need to work while away from your home. Therefore, it’s wise to rent a space with a great table, a comfortable chair, and anything else you will need when working. It’s also wise to carry your PC.

4. Sometimes, things might go southwards

No exciting story is free of conflict, and being a digital nomad is often the same way. Expect one or two things to go wayward – from delayed flights to finding something weird in your food. Novice, happy travelers focus on managing their expectations rather than hoping everything will run perfectly.

Working while traveling might not be everything you expect, but that doesn’t imply it’s not worthwhile. You might find it difficult to maintain a balance between work and leisure or even lose a client unexpectedly. Focus on the opportunities for growth instead of the setbacks.

5. Maintain a balance between work and leisure activities

Working while traveling is different from being a tourist. You can set aside some days for work and enough time for visiting various attraction sites. Or, you can set aside a few hours each day to work. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t visit all the tourist areas you wanted to visit during your trip.

6. Go with someone

It’s challenging to navigate unfamiliar surroundings, and you can also be nervous about traveling alone. Even if you are not too outgoing, it’s you can find ways of meeting people or even interacting with other travelers.

7. Carry the necessities only

It’s tempting to pack lots of stuff when traveling. But the main reason to travel is to do something entirely different and leave your everyday life behind. You can purchase items like an umbrella, a pair of socks, a toothbrush, and more.


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