How to become whatsapp beta tester


How To Become Whatsapp Beta Tester – Beta Tester Is An amazing opportunity to use whatsapp new features before launch. The most whatsapp developers are still working to improve whatsapp as user wish. If you are using whatsapp and become an whatsapp beta tester. It’s really useful for you to enjoy all new whatsapp new features as a beta tester. And you can also inform the things you hate in whatsapp to developers. so here is the proper guides to become whatsapp beta tester.

Beta Tester enabling the feature, that developers create changes as per user wish. For making whatsapp as user friendly, Developers need user suggestions that hates on whatsapp by it’s users. So if you want to Know How to become whatsapp beta Tester. Follow the below steps.

Whatsapp Beta Tester Features :

  • Users Can Try whatsapp new features Before launch.
  • Get Opportunity to get favorite features on new versions of whatsapp.
  • Users can also give suggestions to developers which features they don’t want in new version.
  • Developers Hearing Your all suggestions to make whatsapp as user friendly social network.

How To become Whatsapp Beta Tester :

You can easily become whatsapp tester without any requirements. like registering new account on websites.

  • At First Open play store in your android mobile.
  • Click on the search, and search for whatsapp.
  • Open whatsapp download page, Scroll down and Search for Become Beta Tester.

  • Simply click On I’M IN. And wait few minutes.
  • After the successful signup, update your whatsapp to Whatsapp Beta.
  • Download Whatsapp Beta, which still waiting to launch. Developers are Still working in it.

Now you are Become Whatsapp Beta Tester. Now you can use all latest features as a beta tester and you can tell your suggestions to whatsapp developers, which you expect in new version. You can also signup whatsapp beta tester, without play store. just open in your browser. You must login to your gmail account in your browser, which you used for using play store in your android mobile.

Note : You may Face some Issues In Whatsapp Beta, Because Whatsapp Beta Is still working by developers and have some bugs. If you don’t want to being an whatsapp beta tester. Just Follow Below methods to leave whatsapp beta tester program.

How To Leave Whatsapp Beta Program :

  • Select On Leave Program And Confirm.
  • You Have successfully leave whatsapp beta program.

If you are facing any problem while follow above steps in How To Become Whatsapp Beta Tester, Feel free to comment. we will respond you soon.


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