How To Change LTE band in Qualcomm phones without PC


Hello Guys, Here is the working method for How To Change LTE band in Qualcomm phones without PC. LTE bands in India may work on different frequency bands such as 700Mhz i.e Band 17, 800Mhz i.e Band 20, 850Mhz ie Band 5, 1800Mhz ie Band 3, 2300Mhz ie is known as Band 40. Band of your network depends on service provider only. In India few leading Telecom companies are now providing 4G LTE services/ Airtel, Vodafone, idea,Jio. Airtel supports LTE band 40, Vodafone supports band 3 , idea supports band 3 & 5 & Jio supports LTE band 3, 5 & 40.

How To Change LTE band in Qualcomm phones

Airtel & Vodafone offer single band LTE network that’s why if handset supports band 3 or 40, 4G phone will lock on selected band & work without any issue regardless LTE network speed & coverage. But you may start facing slow speed or bad coverage once you start using Jio LTE network, this is not a problem from Jio side as Jio started LTE network in all three bands so that users get better coverage & higher speed.

1. Band 40 have best speed but low network signal.
2. Band 5 have good speed with best network signal.
3. Band 3 have lowest speed with good network signal.

Requirements :

1. Unlocked Bootloader (xiaomi phones)
2. Root Access
3. Internet

How To Change LTE band in Qualcomm phones without PC :

  1. Download the app fom playstore – Network signal guru
  2. Open the app and give root permission to it.
  3. Click on magic wand icon and then click on band locking. You will see 4 options for band.
  4. Select LTE option and then choose the band you want to lock. Deselect other bands to unlock them.
  5. Then Click ok.
  6. If you want to revert back then just select all the bands and click on ok.

Now You Are Successfully Changed LTE band in Qualcomm phones without PC. Try with your own risk. If you have any quries about the post, Don’t forgot to comment here.


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