how to get google adsense approval fast In 2017


Today am sharing here How to get google adsense approval fast. Getting approval in google adsense is hard. But by following some required steps, you can get adsense approval easily. Google adsense is the world’s no.1 high paying ad network which paying higher amount than other ad networks. Adsense uses the ctr (Click Through Rate) to Increase and decrease cost per click rates at a reasonable gradient for particular site. You can get upto $5 Per click as per geo location and high paying keywords.

In addition to get google adsense approval you must have all proper requirements and quality contents. Here am sharing google adsense approval trick 2017 for getting adsense approval easily within 1 day. Lets go ahead and know why your site get rejected everytime while requesting google adsense approval. And also here am sharing all about google adsense ctr and cpc. And guides to increase google adsense revenue 2017.

how to get google adsense approval fast In 2017:

Use Top Level Domain : By using sub domains like blogspot and wordpress sub domains, your site never get approved in adsense. Use only top level domain like .com / .net / .in / .org like this. You can purchase top level domain names in godaddy and bigrock for low price using coupon codes.

Use Responsive Themes : If you are blogger or wordpress site admin. Use only responsive look premium themes in your blog. Don’t use low quality templates. Google expects your site be easily navigate by users.

Content Length : Your posts should include atleast 500+ words in length with perfect formats (introduction, body, conclusion and maintain headline tags) and try to write at least 10 to 20 posts before applying Google Adsense.

Copyright Contents : Google strictly hates copyright contents. If your site have copyright contents, You must remove them to avoid copyright issues. Don’t use hacking, cracking and illegal links in your blogs. Also strictly avoid pornographic images and videos.

Check Your Copyright Contents In Plagarism Tools before Applying Google Adsense

Submit your site To Search engines : Don’t forgot to add your site in google/bing and other webmaster tools. Because google requires search engine visits to serve you high paying ads through keywords of your site.

Add Required Pages In Your Site : Add About us. Contact us. Privacy policy pages In your site. Then the crawlers easily understand what your contents are about. To get adsense approval, You must add these pages in your sites. Add your email address and facebook id and gmail id In contact us page. Google have changed the Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense program, and one of the requirements that every Adsense publisher should have “Privacy Policy” page that clarifies some important problems that Google needs to know.

All Above methods will helps you to know how to get google adsense approval fast. Here am sharing some more important tips for the users who have already getting adsense approval and expect to increase adsense revenue.

Best Adsense Placement :

By using Above Placements, you can improve your adsense earnings per 1000 visitors. It will helps you to increase google adsense ctr without clickjacking.

What is Ctr In Adsense :

  • CTR = Number of clicks / Number of exposures.
  • CTR% = Number of clicks * 100 / # of exposures

You Can earn money when visitors clicking your adsense ads. Ctr Calculates the clicks/pageviews. maximum ctr allowed adsense is 5% To 7%. By having adsense ctr too high, your account will be banned banned by adsense. When getting high ctr in adsense, just remove ads from  improper location from your site. Or you can directly report them to google adsense. Don’ Use Google adsense clickjacking code for blogger and wordpress.

Ok guys above tips will helps you to know something about how to get google adsense approval fast trick and basic google adsense cpc and ctr. I hope this post will helps you to get approval in adsense and start your earnings. If you have any questions About google adsense approval, Just comment below. I will help you.


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