How to Get rid of Facebook Ads In Android and Windows


Here am back with the working method for How to Get rid of Facebook Ads in android mobile and windows pc. Facebook is the world’s no.1 social network. More than billions of users using facebook everyday. While using facebook in windows and android we getting lot of ads in our new feed. So that we can’t enjoy facebook news feed posts. But now you can enjoy facebook timeline without any ads. Here is the working method for how to get rid of facebook ads on wall and timeline. Many users on facebook ad account disabled and getting rid of facebook ads in their devices using multiple ways. By using recommended ad blockers you can easily remove facebook ads in your timeline. Just follow the below steps.

You can also remove ads in facebook timeline without using any ad blockers. Facebook providing the official way to remove ads in facebook by changing your ad preference settings.  follow the below steps and remove ads in facebook without ad blockers.

How to Get rid of Facebook Ads Without Ad Blockers :

  • Login to your facebook account and open settings.
  • Then click on the Adverts option showing in top left corner.
  • Then you will get adverts settings page.
  • Just click on the drop down menu and choose no one.
  • Then your ads will removed from your wall and timeline.

You are now disable ads in facebook successfully without using any ad blockers. If you want to Get rid of Facebook Ads with ad blockers, you can follow the below tutorial. Ad blockers can remove all your ads from any web page. It’s the simple browser extensions available for free of cost.

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How to get rid of Facebook ads :

By adding below listed browser extensions, you can easily remove ads from facebook. There are many free ad blocker extensions and plugins available for all browsers. The below extensions are free of cost and easy to install in your browsers.

Best Ad Blockers For Remove Facebook Ads :

The above all recommended ad blockers are free and easy to use. So guys enjoy facebook without any paid advertising on facebook.


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