How to get us traffic on youtube for increase adsense cpc


Hello youtube adsense publishers, Here am sharing most wanted trick How to get us traffic on youtube for gain us traffic and high paying ads from google adsense. Many youtube channels getting low earnings in google adsense due to low paying ads. Google adsense offering high paying ads for us traffic and it will increase google adsense cpc on youtube channel and you will get higher earnings than others. Basically youtube is the number one video sharing platform for online users. You can publish your videos on youtube channel for earn money through adsense monetize. So you can make money by displaying banners on your videos. But you will get only earnings depend on your keywords and traffic source.

Increasing google adsense cpc using us traffic is the best way to increase adsense earnings on youtube channel. But organic us traffic is hard to get and you have to work more for promote your videos on united states. But you can get good revenue as per your hard work. Here in this post am sharing quick easy method to get us traffic on youtube channel for free of cost. Also focus on subscribers from us for increase youtube channel popularity on united states. There are many sites available for getting traffic from united states and united kingdom using paid promotions. But these all are not recommended by google adsense team. If you are getting lot of bot traffics on your youtube videos, Your channel will be suspended from your adsense. Simply follow the below method to gain us traffic and increase your adsense cpc.

How to get organic us traffic on youtube :

Youtube videos have higher chances to get index in google. So you can get organic us traffic and other targeted traffic on youtube using high paying keywords on youtube video title and description. I have recommended many seo keyword finder tools for find high paying keywords. You can use many keywords in description to gain traffic from organic search results.

Open and change domain as (United States). keywordtool providing a simple easy way to find high volume keywords in google database. You can find keywords related your video on keywordtool. Simply copy the keywords and use it while write description of video. Keywordtool also providing sort option to find higher search engine volume keywords. Simply sort keywords to ascending to descending order. Then your video will index in google united states with video description and you will get higher traffic from united states using High volume keywords.

For example if you are gonna add videos related how to increase adsense cpc. Simply open keyword tool and search increase adsense cpc youtube with google united states domain. Then you will get high volume keywords from keywordtool. Now just write description with using minimum 5 keywords from top 5 keywords on results page. It is simple and easy to increase your organic us traffic on youtube for increase youtube adsense cpc.

Bonus Method РEasy Way To Get $100 to $300 Cpc on Adsense :

This is very interesting and easy method to increase adsense cpc on youtube. Google adsense providing cost per click rates through the keywords. Advertisers are offering cost per click rates for keywords that drive traffic to advertiser sites through user interested keywords. Every adsense publishers must know about keywords that have fixed cost per click rates on ads. In this keyword related matter you can get high cpc ads through the particular keywords.

When a user land on your page with particular keywords, Google adsense providing keyword related ads on your videos. You will get fixed higher rates on google adsense ad clicks. Here am sharing this exclusive way to get $10 to $50 per click on google adsense through youtube videos.

  • Open semrush and create new account.
  • Then login to your account and open dashboard.
  • Simply enter the post title and click on organic research.
  • Then you will get phrase match keywords section, Simply click on it.
  • Here semrush shows the results of phrase match keywords.
  • Use the sort option to find keywords with high cpc and volume.

To simply get high paying keywords, sort the cpc section and view the available keywords. Then copy the keywords with high volume and cpc. Add these keywords on video description and title for getting high paying particular cpc on adsense.

Here is the screenshot of semrush cpc result :

Guys, Look at this exclusive cpc on adsense with us traffic for the targeted keywords. If you are choose title as hosted call center solution as title and get us traffic with this particular keyword and get ad click from this search. You will get $252.51 per click on your ads. It is unbelievable and amazing for increase youtube cpc. Simply use the first keyword in title section of video and add other phrase match keywords in description for get $1000 per day from google adsense using youtube channels.

But note some points while using these high paying keywords. The volume section providing the search volume of that keyword. And keyword difficulty shows the difficult to get index in search engines. But you can get index well than other blogs and website contents. Because google focus on only youtube videos description for index your youtube videos. And youtube videos have higher chance to get index.

I hope this How to get us traffic on youtube and increase adsense cpc on youtube method will helps you to increase your google adsense cpc on youtube channels with us traffic and high paying ads. So enjoy unbelievable earnings in adsense. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more updates.


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