How to Install Mutiple Roms in Android


Hello Friends if you have PC or laptop then you are familiar with the word multi boot. That’s what we are going to do to install multiple Roms in android. So let’s start about How to Install Mutiple Roms in Android.

So we are starting from basics and dealing with its FAQ’S.


            What is Multi-Boot?

For computer programmers Multi-Boot means more than one operating system in a single laptop or PC but it was not possible in Android until a company named Vojtech Bocek launched an application called as MultiROM Manager. Which will help us to install multiple ROM in our device. Submit Url

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Whenever we switched off our PC or laptop then we get a pop-up of which operating system we want to load. It’s linux or windows. This is done with the help of GRUB.

   Which Android Device Supports MultiROM ?

Basically for now some devices are supported.

I am not sure about the support for the applications and in which device it will support. You can contact the developer. If your phone does not support Multi Rom then it will notify you.

  How MultiROM Manager Works?

MultiROM Manager works only with patched kernels. When you will install MultiROM Manager in your device then there will be 2 ways to installing multiple ROM in your device. If you are geek and know ADB commands and good in flashing files and application, then you can flash using adb commands.

If you don’t have good knowledge about flashing rom then you can use Muti-Rom tool. In this article, I will tell you about the automatic way just because it is simple to understand and works in almost all the devices.

  How Will Be Multiple ROM Managed in     Your Device?

There are too many custom Roms available for android if we want to test them as they are better than the stock rom. Then you can add up using the below steps and that’s it.

Which means that there will be no change in the directory the screen shot taken from stock rom will be there on the same directory for custom rom.
This is one of the advantage of the application that too many directories are not created which actually jumbles and consumes too much memory of your smartphone.

   How Many ROM Can Be Flashed?

This depends on your device. If you are having device with 32GB Storage then you can flash multiple ROM in your device. I personalty installed 3 ROM’s in my phone. There should be a proper way of flashing. Below, I have given the full tutorial by following it you can flash it multiple ROM and that too multiple times in your phone.

You need to make sure that your phone don’t have too much data and follow up the steps if you are good in flashing the system then this is something new and useful.

    How Multi-ROM can be Useful?

I have seen many of times people afraid of flashing new custom ROM on their smartphone. They don’t flash it because they are afraid of bugs which they will encounter or else they will loose their data. If you want to try the Nougat feature on your phone then you can experiment it using Multi-ROM.

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You won’t be loosing any data and you can get the best feature in your phone in just some clicks.


  • Custom ROM that supports Multi-ROM.
  • Rooted Phone.
  • Multi-Rom Manager
  • Muti-Rom Supported Device check from here.
  • NAndroid Backup

How to Install Multiple ROMs in Android Phones:

  • Download and Install Multi-ROM Manager application from Play Store.


  • Now, the application will ask for root permission just click on Grant.
  • You will checkout options such as Multi-ROM, Recovery, Kernel. Just select all the options as given in the screenshot below.
  • Now, in kernel you will see a dropdown list in which you need to select the kernel of your stock ROM. Just select the kernel of your choice. In my case I am using CM 13 so I am choosing CM 13.
  • Now, simply click on Install Button and the custom recovery and the new kernel patch will be downloaded in your Device. You don’t need to do anything. Just simply wait till the process is done.
  • After installation the application will ask for a Reboot. You need to Reboot your device and it will boot into a grub like manager application.
  • Simply click on anywhere on the screen when it shows 5 seconds boot time.
  • Now, swipe in the right in MISC and there you will see an option to reboot your phone into recovery.
  • Now, your phone will be loaded into recovery and this is totally customized recovery here the main task is done.
  • If you have reached till here then you are doing really a great job till now. Now, you are going to add another custom ROM in your device.

         How to Add Another ROM in Your              Phone

  • Now, you are in the Multi-ROM customized recovery. Click on Multi-ROM.
  • Now, you can manage here all the ROM and click on Add ROM.
  • Select ROM Type as Android and location Internal Memory.
  • There in your SD Card you need to search for your ROM which you are installing make sure that you don’t wipe your phone data.
  • Select the ROM and Swipe the slider in Right and done. The installation process will be started.
  • This installation will take some time.
  • Now, if it is done. Reboot your phone and it will ask you to select your favourite ROM you need to choose.
  • If you will click on Internal it will boot your old ROM and if you will click on another ROM then it will boot into your new ROM.
  • If you click on Internal and your old ROM is not booting up then the ROM is not supported for Multi-ROM. Then you will end up loosing your data.
  • By following these steps you can install multiple ROM in your device. It’s time to brag and show the amazing feature working in your smartphone.

Note: We are not Responsible. If you brick your smartphone. Please try at your own risk.

How to Uninstall Multi-ROM From Your Device.


  • Download the Uninstall from here.
  • Place it in your internal or SD Card of your device.
  • Now switch your device off.
  • Simply switch on your device and you will be asked to choose between 2 ROMS.
  • Click on screen and then click on Misc and reboot to recovery.
  • Now, click on Install Button and check your SD Card and flash that file and reboot your system.
  • Done! You have uninstalled the Multi-ROM Manager from your device.
  • You can also flash Stock ROM in your device. This will delete all your user data and then you can enjoy the device in your previous state.

           Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

  • Does Flashing Multi Rom is safe?

  Ans:If you are following the tutorial and            reading my full guide then there are 80% chances that you won’t fail in flashing.

  • Does every Android phone supports multiple rom?

Ans: No every Android phone does not support multiple rom.

  • My Phone stuck into BootLoop (Showing Device Logo)

     Ans:Try clearing cache and dalvik cache if not solved then try flashing another ROM in your device.



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