How To Solve Freecharge Hooked By Third Party App


Hey friends this is my first post on zybermedia and Many of you must be using freecharge app in rooted device and most of you must be facing many problems while using freecharge app in rooted device and problems like “App Has Been HookedBy Third Party App” or you might not be able to apply any promocode, And app may be getting closed everytime you login , So today I am going to provide solution for these problems which will work on Rooted device as well. And best part it that you don’t need to use any old app APK with this trick, you can use latest freecharge version .This app is created by another one so thanks to him.

Mostly The Freecharge Users Have These  Types Of Errors As Follows :
1.Freecharge: Hooked By Third Party App 
2. “Suspicious Activity Observed In Freecharge Account”
So Lets Start With Solving  “App is Hooked By 3rd Party App ” Freechrage Error

This Issue Is Being Showed In The Phones Which Are Rooted As Freecharge Security Is Getting More And More Secure Each Day:

1. Download Freecharge Unlocker Xposed Module App From Here.

This Is A Module And So Is Only Valid For Rooted And So This Error Is Solved Only For Rooted Users With Xposed

2. Now After Download Install And Clear All Recents After Installing .

3. Now Open Xposed , Click On Modules , And Tick On Freecharge Unlocker Module.

4. Now Seamlessly Do Any Transaction Without Any Error with freecharge app .

2.“Suspicious Activity Observed” error While Applying Promocode

Many Users Is also facing this problem  While Looting Freecharge And So Their freecharge  Account Is Suspended For Promocodes But Dont Worry We Got A Solution For That Too .

1. Open Freecharge App And Make Sure It Is Latest Version  Now Open Profile —> My Account —> Change Password.

3. Change Your Password And Relogin After Changing Password .

4. Seamlessly Apply Promocode As Your Account Is Unblocked Now.


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