How To Use Ahrefs For Seo and Link Building


Ahrefs is the site explorer tool for analyze your own website and competitor websites. By using ahrefs, You can get high quality backlinks from your competitors. Here am sharing full guide for How To Use Ahrefs site explorer tool for analyse your competitor website backlinks and seo keywords. Basically ahrefs offering website seo analyse and backlink analyse for improve your site performance. So here am back with effective guide about link building via ahrefs and competitor seo analyse. Everyday ahrefs crawling billions of pages for rank their sites. You can track all competitors entire backlinks easily. Here you will get both dofollow and nofollow links and edu,gov backlinks of any site to gain backlinks from competitors. So that it’s not difficult to get high quality backlinks with ahrefs.

Ahrefs dashboard keep tracking your all data’s like referring domains, backlinks, keywords, organic traffic and many more. So i suggest to use ahrefs for steel seo and backlinks from competitors. Ahrefs rank updates everyday as per your backlinks and seo quality. Url rating and domain rating show you the health of your domain to track your seo performance. Here in this post am sharing how to use ahrefs website to improve your backlinks and seo performance. Just follow the below procedures and enjoy more organic reach for your any type of sites.

Steps To Create Free Premium Account On Ahrefs :

  • Create fake paypal account with fake email address.
  • Verify your paypal account and create ahrefs account with fake email.
  • Then login to your ahrefs free account.
  • Finally select payment method as paypal in payments page.
  • Now ahrefs will create Pre Approved Payment in paypal.
  • Then remove the pre approved payment once you get premium account.

This method working fine to get free premium account on paypal. There are many features available in ahrefs premium account with unlimited site analyse. In free accounts you can get only limited access like 10 results per page on backlinks report and keywords report.

Here is the procedures to use ahrefs for track your competitor backlinks and seo keywords. Just follow the below guides.

How To Use Ahrefs For Seo and Link Building :

  • Login to your ahrefs dashboard.
  • Enter your competitor website url and select domain.
  • You can also choose http and https versions to track backlinks.
  • Then you will get results page for given site.
  • Here you can get complete backlinks report and seo keywords.
  • Just click on backlinks and view all linked domains.

On the ahrefs referring domains it shows all linked domains of competitor website category wise. For gain dofollow and nofollow backlinks just click on the results and get complete report of backlinks profile.

Backlinks report update once per 24 hours and it will shows all category domains like edu and gov backlinks. If you want to get edu backlinks, Just click on .edu section and collect all backlinks for your site.

Analyse Referring Domains Of Competitors :

On the referring domains page you can sort your search results as number of backlinks linked to competitor site. In this result it shows entire list of backlinks for premium users and 10 results for free users.

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Then move over to dashboard and click on keywords. Just choose the country and view the top keywords that drive traffic to competitor website. Here in this list you can get all country keywords to gain competitor website traffic. This is the best tool to track competitor traffic sources to improve your organic search traffic.

This is the screenshot of organic keywords that drive traffic to website. Here you can sort Position, Volume, Keyword Difficulty, Cost per click. If you are adsense publisher and wanna track your high paying keywords of competitors. Just sort the cpc and view the high paying keywords of competitors. Then just write a new post with high paying keywords and enjoy more adsense revenue than your competitors.

Ahrefs is the best tool to get all about your competitor websites. I hope this post will helpful for newbie bloggers for beat your competitors and gain more traffic from search engines. But avoid low quality backlinks and low volume keywords from competitor websites. I hope you enjoy this post, and share this post with your friends.


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