The Importance of Dash Cam in our Daily Lives


Dashboard cameras may very well represent the next stage in car security. These little electronic devices are simple cameras attached to the interior windshield or dash (primarily) of your vehicle. While some dash cams have a single lens, multiple lens cams for front and back recording are not uncommon.

Positioned to face the direction of the road, dash cams track and record activities around your car, providing video evidence in the case of any incidents. They automatically power up when the engine is turned on, and power off when you kill the engine. However, some dash cams have a parking mode functionality that turns them on in the case of an impending collision, even when the engine is turned off. Still, you might wonder what use this technology will serve you.

Personal Protection

Dash cams help protect drivers from false accusations in the case of an accident. Regardless of how carefully you drive, road rage, drink driving, and good ole insurance fraud might result in false accusations in the event of an accident. Dash cam footages provide irrefutable evidence of the accident, placing the blame at the feet of the wrongdoer.

Expedite Insurance Claims

No insurance company takes delight in paying for damages. Thus, they go out of their way to invalidate your claims and limit or eliminate whatever claims you may have. This is much easier considering the conflicting accounts drivers provide after an accident. You can reduce the time spent on your insurance claims and ensure that you receive what your dues by providing a dash cam footage of the accident.

Escape Unjust Tickets

It is far from uncommon that an individual receives the occasional ticket for a crime you didn’t commit, due to an officer’s error of judgment. With the ticket issued, your state driving record is updated to include this moving traffic violation, and auto insurance rates go up. But you do not have to receive a ticket if you are in the right. An erring officer can be corrected by showing them the dash cam footage. If the ticket is served anyway, it can be successfully contested in court.

Improve your driving

Reviewing your driving performance by watching past clips is one way to improve your driving skills. You see some of your bad driving habits or occasions when you could have performed better. The result is a safer, better driver with less risk to himself and others. What is more, “good drivers” get up to 25 percent auto insurance discounts.

We all want to see the road rid of bad drivers. But first, we have to get ourselves to improve. We also recognize that accidents still occur regardless of how careful we may be. A quality dash cam helps drivers, employers, and investigators learn the cause of any accidents, identify poor driving habits, and improve a driver’s skill set.



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