Important Android Apps People Need in Daily Life

If you speak about gadgets, then I can easily say that human need has been optimized to certain apps only. Nowadays, who does not have an android phone in their home? Plus, these apps have sometimes proved to be life support in human life.

Today we are going to talk about some of these gadgets which you need in your daily lifestyle. In fact, these Android apps are so important that you have never realized how you grew addicted to it.

Before we start, I am getting a lot of queries about how to find my device. I request you to all check this article to secure your mobile from lost.

1. Whatsapp

Yes, WhatsApp has taken over messenger when it comes to number one personal chat system in the world. The messaging app is very effective in sending SMS and MMS taking a reasonable amount of data.

Moreover, when it comes to building a mobile app, the latest updates have really overdone it. It provides a free voice call and free video call using the internet. WhatsApp is always free, so you need not worry about paying up at the end of the month. Although, do not forget to clear your internet bills.

2. Evernote

Have you ever thought of keeping your data is the safest place where it is nearly impossible to erase anything? Yes, that necessity has given Evernote such a big success other than Google keeps, Dropbox and many others.

The cloud backup makes it easier for you to sync your documents with it. In this way, your data is always in online storage. Evernote is very much compatible with Android and iOS. So next time if your computer or laptop gives up. Do not forget to store your data in Evernote, one of the smoothest data storing android apps.

3. Livescore

Do you want updates on your favorite matches, when you are on a date or in office? Yes, Livescore has pretty much heard you. One of these android apps is specially built for the soccer fanatics.

You can find any and almost every march scores here. Not only that, but it also provides you with detailed insights on the soccer match. It also shows you which of the players got a yhello0w card and red card in the game. You can almost feel the hype of soccer building up in you, even if you are not watching it, only with Live score.

4. Avast Mobile Security

Well, you cannot really blame the internet, viruses are everywhere. That brings us to our next most important thing in building a mobile app, which has definitely saved a lot of mobile phones. Avast is one of the nest renowned antivirus systems in the market. Needless to say, that its mobile version is even more compatible.

It scans apps and checks for viruses. And, also scans any alien device connected to your can also change receipt template. It scrutinizes your external memory card as well as your phone memory to see whether there are any junk files available or not.

It also reminds you of extra cache and daily cleanses your phone of any virtual dirt. I mean, when Avast is there, you need not worry about your phone’s health.

5. Healthify Me

In this modern and hectic life of all, it is nearly impossible to keep track of our health and keep everything, from diet to exercise in synchronization. Healthily I am an excellent app which literally takes care of you.

This app contains some very good dieticians and health experts who always give you tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can get different exercise tutorials and not only that; healthily I am a great app which gives you a reminder on the different routines that you need to maintain. It also allows you to track your daily meals and keep them under the number of calories you need.

Before we move onto our conclusion, it is important that we mention a few more interesting apps, which were built for your assistance:

  • Share it:

    The owners building a mobile app did the most amazing thing by building Share it. It lets you share apps, images, videos, documents, and music in a few seconds.

  • NetFlix:

    This android app keeps you company with some of the groundbreaking web series and movies.

  • Ola:

    Call cabs anywhere with ease. Android apps like Ola, Uber, give you the smoothest ride possible.

So these are some of the apps, you need in your daily life. These android apps not only help you in living a systematic lifestyle but also helps you in managing your daily activities.


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