How to improve google pagerank and traffic [Easy Tips]


Hello friends, i hope many beginner bloggers stuck with low traffic and Poor seo score. Here am back with the effective ways for how to improve google pagerank and traffic easily. Basically google have 200 google pagerank algorithms for ranking pages. So you have to follow all rules and seo basics for make your posts appears on first page of google search result. There are many google pagerank checker tools available on web for track your google pagerank. Follow the below tips to improve google pagerank. Before that we have to submit website sitemap to google webmaster tools for index website pages in google.

Google is the number one search engine and all of web users using google for find better results on the web. When google show you the results in search results page. You may get many websites one by one in the list. But sometimes you may notice that low traffic blog posts can appears on first page. That means when you follow proper seo in your blogs you can get good pagerank in google without waiting long time. So that here am back with the guides for improve google pagerank and traffic. Just follow all below tips in your blog and enjoy more traffic from google within few days.

How to improve google pagerank :

  • Add main keywords in post title.
  • Use h1 and h2 tags in posts with keywords.
  • Update your blog regularly with fresh contents.
  • Add images and videos in your posts.
  • Optimize web pages for mobile devices.
  • Create high quality backlinks with high pagerank.
  • Use ssl certificate¬†for improve seo ranking.
  • Avoid duplicate and copied contents.
  • Improve site loading time performance.
  • Create social media pages for website and be active.
  • Use low keyword difficulty keywords in new blogs.

So follow all these guides for improve seo score and google pagerank. Use proper keywords in your blog post. You can track all high volume keywords in some tools like semrush and keywordtool. Find some better performance keywords in your posts with bold texts. Then you can get better result in search engine results. Here are some suggested posts that helps you to improve your ranking in search engines.

While collecting high quality backlinks for your website, add your desired keyword in the anchor text section for rank your page for that keyword. There are many backlink checker tools available on web for find the value of backlink from web page. So use these tools for avoid bad backlinks. In some cases bad backlinks also hurts your seo score. Basically backlink quality calculated by link influence score. For find the backlink link influence score of your website use openlinkprofiler website. Then remove bad backlinks from your site using google webmaster tools.

Avoid Duplicate Contents :

Don’t copy other website contents and posts directly. By having too much of duplicate contents you may face some dmca issues. And it also leads to ban your google adsense account. Here is the guide for how to report violation to google adsense. Also google dmca dashboard will help you to remove copied content of copy paste blogs from google search results. When someone copying your content from your blog, You can directly report it to google dmca free tool. Then it will remove the infringing material from search results.

Boosting your website loading time is one of the best way to increase seo score. Avoid annoying popup’s and external javascript’s for boost site loading time and performance. If you are an google adsense publisher use Synchronize ad codes instead of Asynchronize type ads. Then you will feel the speed in your blog. Also reduce the number of ads per page. It also good for increase adsense revenue and other ad network earnings.

So guys, All above tips will help you for how to improve google pagerank and traffic. Follow the all above mentioned tips and update your blog regularly with fresh content. If you have any doubt about your seo optimization. You will try some seo site checkup tools for analyze your website performance for search engines.



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