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Are you using google adsense still now?. Switch to and enjoy more revenue than adsense. Many of my friends says adsense cpc and earnings too low. Am sure about all of these guys fall in adsense for high cpc rates and high earnings. Here you can switch to publisher program. Basically adsense pays only low cpc $0.05 to $0.08 to indian publishers and it gives very low revenue in your blogs. But in it pays for pageviews and impressions. When you notify your adsense pageviews and impressions, Your impressions are 3X more than your page views.

Impressions are counted by every page views unlike visitor counter. When visitor visit your blog and reading 4 posts your impressions are 5. That means page views 1 and impressions 5. Basically pays for impressions with rpm calculator. So that definitely you will get more earnings than adsense. In previous post am sharing quick easy method for how to get approval Just follow the previous post and get approval. For getting easy approval on their publisher program. After getting approved, you can paste your ad codes on your blogs and websites for making good revenue with your blog visits. Here am gonna share you this effective ways to increase rpm and earnings.

Why Using Media.Net ?. It is better than adsense ? :

Yes, In my point of view currently is better than adsense for indian publishers. Also in other countries pays better than google adsense. Also here is some more points why we need :

Media.Net Ads Not Requires Any Clicks For Increase Earnings, Because It Pays For Page views and Impressions.

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No Account Ban Issues :

Basically adsense can ban your account without any warnings. Just think, many web users using vpn’s and proxies while browsing and using ads. If your visitors clicking ads while using anonymous proxies, Adsense declared this click as invalid clicks. If you are getting some more vpn traffic and clicks, Your account will banned surely by adsense team for invalid traffic and fake clicks. Also your competitors can attack your adsense ads with fake clicks for disable your adsense account. But unlike adsense never ban your account.

Easy Dashboard And Live Stats : providing live traffic impressions and your impressions counted every second. You can track your impressions in your dashboard easily. Reports generated instantly and your rpm rates provide by your account manager. Yes, every account divided into some account manager for contact about your earnings and ad placements. If you are getting high impressions and low rpm, You can straightly contact your account manager for instant help for your improvement related help.

Media.Net Payment Methods :

In google adsense your earnings sent you via bank account and check, But Media.Net have various options to receive your earnings. Media.Net Currently Pays Via Bank Transfer and PayPal. Your earnings sent you once you reach your minimum payout threshold $100.

Media.Net Ads Example :

Ad Sizes and color customization will helps you to customize ads with your site template. So your users will enjoy your blogs and websites without any annoying ads.

Media.Net Ad Examples :

So guys, This post will helps you to get detailed guide about adsense vs review. If you are using adsense ads you can also use adsense and together for increase your blog revenue. So apply Now and Switch to


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