How to index new blog posts in google instantly


Hello all my friends, Here is the exclusive way for How to index new blog posts in google instantly. Basically google index your new blog posts in particular time for display it on search results. You have to work more and write natural content for get index in google. If you are writing seo friendly blog posts and google doesn’t index your blog post, Here is the easy way to index manually. Seo is the important section in blogging for getting more natural traffic to your blog. All adv networks also expect natural traffic and organic traffic for serving high paying ads to your blogs.

Getting index in google is very easy if your site following proper seo. And Google search bots requires full access to your site like images and contents. Do proper seo in blogs and website for improve your website traffic. Keywords are the main part in search engine indexing and traffic. There are many tools are available in web for keyword research. Actually google indexing your all pages properly, But it takes some time. High keyword difficulty keywords are dangerous for new blogs. In my case am using low keyword difficulty keywords for make my blog post appears in first page on google search.

Write natural content and increase your blog traffic for getting indexing in google. You need some requirements to get natural index for new blog posts. Basically traffic and keyword is the main matter for index on first page. Here am sharing this natural way to index your new blog posts in google instantly. For using this trick, You must add your website in google and verify ownership. In google webmaster tools, There are many tools available for change google bot access and customize your indexing. Follow the below steps to index your new blog post in google instantly.

How to index new blog posts in google instantly :

  • Open Google webmaster tools and click on your site.
  • Then you will get dashboard of your website in google webmaster.
  • Here choose the Crawl option in from main menu.
  • Select Fetch As Google option in the list and open.

  • Now open the page and enter your post url you want to index in google.
  • Choose the version as Desktop or mobile.

  • Then your page will crawl by google bots and showing the result.
  • Simply click on Request Indexing and wait for complete the request.
  • Now your page will get indexed in google search instantly.

This method working fine for get crawl by google bot every time. Also use this method when you update your old posts in your blogs. Once the google bot access is complete on your webpage, Your posts will get index in google instantly after the submission. If you are updating multiple pages and posts and wanna update your site in google. Pinging is the best way. Simply follow my previous post how to ping sitemap to all search engines.

I hope this How to index new blog posts in google instantly post will helps you to improve your website traffic from google. Simply follow this method when your posts not get indexed in google. But this method only index in google and if you wanna make your post appears on first page in google search, Write seo friendly posts and increase your traffic naturally.



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