How to Install Custom Kernels/Recovery with Flashify


How to Install Custom Kernels/Recovery with Flashify

Hello friends Today’s post is about How to Install Custom Kernels/Recovery with Flashify. Sometimes we don’t have pc and we want to try new recovery or new rom but are unable to try them. As we don’t have P.C so in this I will show you how you can install custom kernels and recovery easily. 

What does the custom recovery do? It simply flashes the required file and the binaries which are available in that zip file.

Now, if you have to flash the newer version of your recovery that too you can do it easily by using this tool on your phone. Which makes easy and lucid process. No need of computer and nothing. What you need is a working internet connection on your phone. Whenever you want to flash something in your device just flash it. We have also shared about Many of times people’s feel irritating to put their phone into recovery with this tool you can easily do that too. In your device.

 Note– This Trick May or Maynot  Void Your Phones Warranty Or It May Also Brick Your smartphone. Please try this trick at your own risk.

How to Install Custom Kernels/Recovery with Flashify

Flashing is an small application which helps us to install stock recovery or custom recovery. It also helps to flash other kernels. We can easily take the backup of our kernel and recoveries in one click and we can upload them on Google drive easily. So now are going to see the advantages and disadvantages of this app.


  • Flash anything without any computer.
  • It flashes zip without going in the recovery.
  • It flashes custom rom even without any pc.


  • Sometimes phone lags while installing zip in the phone.
  • Phone may also get in the boot loop.


How to Install Custom Kernels

  • Open the application and click on Boot.img
  • Choose the kernel you want to flash from the list
  • Now reboot the phone to apply changes.

How to Install Custom Recovery Using Flashify

  • Open the application and select the recovery.img option.
  • Choose the recovery you want to flash. My choice is TWRP recovery as it gives too many options.
  • Now reboot the phone and your custom recovery will be installed.

How to flash zip file using Flashify

  • Open Flashify and select the install zip option
  • Navigate to the zip file through the directory.
  • Now install it.

How to backup recovery or Kernel of Android Device

  • Open Flashify and swipe right to backup/restore option.
  • Now choose what you want to backup and click on backup


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