IP Vanish Premium account Vpn Account september 2015

IpVanish team has over 15 years of experience in network management, IP and content delivery.  The same team manages a content delivery network (CDN) that helps gaming companies like Steam and GameFly provide fast, reliable service.  They also stream live events including NBA games and the Masters. Download  3 month Premium Account From our Site.


Unsurprisingly, IPVanish is one of the top VPN providers available. It has a Tier 1 network of VPNs with servers in a whopping 59 countries, and major countries such as the UK and US have multiple servers to help deliver some of the best speeds in the business. It’s also one of only a few VPNs to provide VPNs in more exotic countries around the planet, such as Egypt and Panama.

Alongside this, it has a great team who provide top-end security and excellent customer support should you ever need it. It’s also implemented a full zero logs policy – not even connection logs – which is superb.

While simultaneous connections are allowed, this is slightly limited. In its words: “You can install our software on an unlimited number of computers or mobile devices and use 1 OpenVPN connection and 1 other protocol (L2TP or PPTP) connection at the same time.

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