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Latest On Page Seo Techniques 2017. Hello friends, I know many visitors have own blog for sharing their knowledge worldwide people’s. In Blogger and WordPress we can create a blog in less than a minute. And we can post anything about all things in a short time. But without SEO, your blog is like a personal diary. We need to follow proper SEO guides for search engines notify our blog.

In my opinion, many bloggers still now, don’t know about how to optimize blog posts for on-page SEO and off page SEO. So that am gonna share your Latest On Page Seo Techniques 2017 for improving your SEO score in google and other search engines. In my personal experience in blogger and WordPress am facing many troubles in search engine ranking.

Do you have a blogger blog or WordPress site?. And still now not able to understand why your blog posts not indexed in google even if you have healthy traffic?. Here are some of my on-page SEO techniques for you. Just follow the below guides to rank your site well in search engines.

For bloggers I recommend, At first, write fresh unique contents with proper post structure for better understanding for your blog visitors. Don’t copy articles from other sites and blogs. In My experience in blogging, many blogger blog admins copying my blog posts make money with Adsense. If you have also a problem with copy paste bloggers.

Then you should immediately report these sites on google DMCA. Because by having too much of copywriter bloggers, your bog getting disturbed in google for index your posts. Let’s go for today topic Latest On Page Seo Techniques 2017. It’s not the harder thing for SEO. Just keep the below things on your mind before publishing your articles.

If you are thinking of starting a SEO business then you have to read about the following techniques.

Latest On Page Seo Techniques 2017 :

Choose Post Title Between 60 To 70: According To search engine experts, the Title tag is important for telling about your content in search engines and your blog visitors. So use mainly targeted keyword in your title tag and choose the title between 60 to 70 characters.

Use Meta Description: Meta Description is an important thing in search engines. You need to tell about your contents in meta description shortly between 146 to 150. Using meta description with 146 – 150 characters gives better result in search engines. Otherwise, your meta description will be ignored by search engines.

Heading Tag: Heading tag is important for on-page SEO while writing a blog post. You need to use h2 and h3 tags in your posts for index the content well. There are some limits for using heading tags in search engines. Use only one h1 Tag Per page. And use h2 tags in post paragraph titles. H2 tag should be less than 10 numbers in your page for a better result in indexing.

Optimize Post For Higher Seo Result :

Image Optimization: It’s very simple to use image optimization blogger and WordPress. You can Just use your post titles in alt tags for images. Alt tags are important to get your images indexed in google image search results.

Post Url Permalink Structure: Choose the post permalink carefully. In wordpress, you should choose your custom permalink with SEO friendly permalink structure. Don’t use any special characters like symbols and underscores in your URLs. Because url will get ignored in google sitemap.

Internal Linking: Internal Links Are helpful one forgive traffic to your other blog posts and the search engine will crawl your URL. While writing article, Also link the same category similar post in your current post. Internal linking with the nofollow tag will get better result in search engines.

Organic Keywords: Use Keyword Tools for generating bulk traffic from search engines. Keyword tool and lsigraph will help you to get your targeted keyword related mostly searched contents. Use the keywords in your title tag and meta description. Also, add the keyword with an h2 tag in your post for better result.

Basic Blog Seo Procedures:

Submit Sitemap To Search Engines: I Know all of you using google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools to submitting your sitemap. But choose the correct sitemap in your blog and submit them on search engines. Create a custom sitemap for blogger and WordPress and submit them too with your sitemaps.

Robots.Txt: Robots.txt helps search engines to crawl your site. use proper robots tag in vlogger and WordPress for getting a good result. Adding sitemap URL in robots tag will help you to search engines crawl your sitemap via robots header tag. But this is slightly unwanted one for robots tag. Add your sitemaps in search engines manually. It will help you to get indexing faster.

Increase Your Post Length: While am browsing some blogs in my free time. There are many bloggers writing contents too small. Actually in less than 200 words, what you gonna share with your blog posts?. Just write blog posts more than 350 words. Because your post length is important to get a better result. Also, you can increase your SEO quality by writing more words about your blog.

Backlink: What is backlink and how to use it?. A backlink is the important one to increase the domain authority of your blog and get well indexing in search engines. But many bloggers using backlink in the wrong manner. Don’t get more than 2 backlinks from the same site. Just link your related content URL while commenting on others site like Technographx and getting a backlink from other services. Don’t use your blog title all the time. If you gonna comment any SEO related post in another blog. Just paste the link of your SEO related article from your blog while commenting.

Avoid Bot Traffic :

Paid Bot Traffic: Using paid bot traffic is a stupid thing to boost Alexa rank for free. Search engines require quality traffic for index your posts and pages. So don’t use iframe views and bot traffics for generating traffic for your blog posts manually. Just focus on natural traffic and gain search engine visits.

Don’t Use Too Much Of Ads: Advertisements are the ways to earn money from blogger and make money in blogging. On the internet many sites offering ads for your site and gives earnings for ad clicks. Except for banner ads, Pop under ads is too irritating for users. Also, search engines got issues by your ad redirects. Not only views, but annoying advertisements can also hurt your site loading time by javascript. You have to use less javascript on the webpage for improving site loading time.

Site Loading Time / Site Speed: Site speed is important for getting good traffic in search engines and other social networks like Facebook. Yes, nowadays everything comes to mobile. 70% of Users using search engines in mobile [Survey Said]. So google optimized mobile search results for a better experience in search results. In this time Google launches googleweblight launched by Google to browse faster in low-speed loading sites. Check your site with google mobile friendly site checkup for fix your problems in mobile view.

Adsense : Yes, Adsense also important in Latest On Page Seo Techniques 2017. Use ad units in proper placements and avoid unwanted places like important paragraph. Am saying this because of some blog admins using adsense link ads between post paragraphs for getting more clicks. Actually it will hurt your seo. Also it’s against adsense terms and conditions.

Templates : Use seo optimized blogger templates and seo friendly themes for wordpress. Don’t show your css intelligence in blogger and wordpress too much. Use responsive blogger templates.


Which Template I Shoud Use for Better Result in Seo And How To Getting Them for Free : 

The below types of blogger templates recommended by me: Seo Friendly Responsive Blogger Templates. Mobile Optimized Blogger Templates. Blogger Seo Templates. Seo blogger templates are widely available as much you want in many theme sites. For WordPress users, Don’t use free themes in WordPress, am also using free themes the first time and switched to premium SEO template. And got good results in improved SEO.

So, Guys, this post will help you to understand blogger and WordPress Latest On Page Seo Techniques 2017 for improving your search engine score. Share your thought about this post and share your SEO problems with me. I will respond to you shortly and clear your problems.


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