Lessons got from Coronavirus to bolster performance in the workplace

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COVID -19 kicked all of us from our comfort zones. Office workers, essential workers, students and teachers and forced to combat the virus and put it behind their backs. Even though students can get help with their homework on sites like Killer Papers, most people don’t have the luxary of easy way out. We need to use this experience and learn 4 important lesson:

We have learned that standing aloof is an illusion

When the virus struck at the beginning of the year, everyone looked up to their close ones. People went from being strangers to actual neighbors. People got to know others who they thought they would never meet. People discovered that standing together is the real deal.

We have creativity deeply rooted in us

We should cease talking about the “new normal” narrative. Just months back, people scrambled to get home to their loved ones and bundled together. The crisis led to the realization of new creativity levels that have since helped save lives and put smiles on people’s faces. The Governor of Ohio insisted on people to keep social distance, and it blew up. Several people uploaded creative videos like dances that went viral with messages to tell people to stay at home and practice social distancing. The information reached billions of views from all corners of the world.

Our ignorance has cost us

The excitement about a new scientific invention or milestone has not gotten seen since the landing on the moon. It occurred close to half a century ago. Coronavirus came and hit us with a bang and put us in a place that was never precedented. There was an influx of technical information that was getting disseminated around.

It was only then that we saw how unprepared and ignorant we are. What we do not understand can harm us healthwise and in other ways too. It is only recently that it dawned on us that customers are attracted to businesses and companies that show both values and concerns in whatever stance they take. Companies initially thought customers valued the services and products that they sold to them.

The virus has left a painful yet important lesson to us: having guesses in business welcomes troubles. Steven Pinker, a psychology professor at Harvard, notes that it is easy to give in to the bias of seeing the world through anecdotes and pictures than with facts and precise data. We dwell into this and get into the hot soup.

We have uncovered what having gratitude means

Sadly, it took us a pandemic to realize that there are people who wake up and go to work every day to support our lives. There are numerous people involved in this cycle. We have got the nurses, physicians, delivery guys, car fixers, and the people who work at the stores to stock our supermarkets.

It is even more sad to realize how underpaid they are, and it took a pandemic for this to get heard. Without such people, our lives would be hard. What is fascinating with these lads is that no matter what happens, they will always put their lives on the line to save us. The best yet the least that we can do is let them and the world know that they exist through speaking on their behalf. Let us support each other every day we rise.


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