How to Make Money From Propeller Ads?


Propeller Ads is an Ad Network for Bloggers and Web Developers. Propeller Ads Provides Various types of Advertisement for our Web Page or BlogMany Popular Companies like Snapdeal, Alibaba, Zynga are Advertisers on this Platform. These companies are advertising their Online Business Using Propeller AdsPropeller Ads Network is available for Publishers and As well As Advertisers. Advertisers mean those Peoples/Companies who want to Advertise their business using Ad Networks and Publisher Means Who wants to Monetize their Website/Blog by Adding Advertisement on their Web Page as well As Blog. so Today’s Article is For Publishers Who wants to make money using Propeller Ads. so Let’s See…

1.Computer with Internet Connection
2. Blog/Website with Good Traffic -: for Making Money You needed a Blog or Website with Good Amount of Traffic.
How to Register Propeller Ads-:
1. Firstly You need to Register on Propeller Ads. so Go to and click on “register” and then select “Publisher”.
2. Now You need to Register Your Details on this Ad Network.
a] Select account type as “Individual”.
b] Put Your First Name and Last Name.
c] Put Your Country Name and City Name.
then you need to Add Your Contact Information
a] Put Your Email in First Box.
b] Then you need to Add your “Skype Id” for getting connected with their Employees.
c] then Add Your Website Link in Last Box.
d] and Check the box “I Accept Your Terms and Conditions”
Note: If You are Getting Problem while Registering then See the Below Picture.
3. Then just click on “Sign Up
4. You will receive an email just as a Verification. They Will send You the Verification Link. Just click on that Link.
5. Now Your Account has been created Successfully!. Now you should need to Verify Your Blog in Propeller Ads. So, Just follow the Steps given Below.
How to Verify Blog in Propeller Ads [Blogspot]
1. Login to Your Propeller Ads Account.
2. Then Click on “Sites” from Sidebar Options.
3. Click on “Add Site” and Put Your Blog/Website Url in the box and Click on “Add Site”.
4. Then they will give you Meta Tag for Your Blog. You just need to Open your Blog Dashboard and Go to HTML Section and paste that Meta Tag Just below “<head>” [you can see in below picture] and then click on “Save Theme“.
5. Then again Come into Propeller Ads Account and click on “Verify”.
6. Done! then You will see like this “Your Blog has been verified by Propeller Ads”.
How to Verify Blog in Propeller Ads [WordPress]
WordPress Users can Install The Propeller Ads Plugin on their blog and they can Verify their Blog.
How to Make Money From Propeller Ads
1. Just go to “Sites” section and click on the Blog that You Just Verified.
2. Click on “Create Zone” and create any Type of Advertisement that You wants to show on Your Blog. then they will give you ad code, Copy that Ad code.
3. And Paste into Your Blog’s HTML/Layout.
4. Done! Your Visitors will start seeing your ads and Your Earnings will depend upon Impression and Clicks by the users.
So, Today We Learned about How to make Money from Propeller Ads. I hope You Like this Post. If you still getting any Problem then You can Comment below. This is My First Post on ZyberMedia. I am also a Hindi Blogger You can Visit My Blog Jaaniye Hindi Me


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