How to make money with whatsapp – 2017


Hello friends, i hope all of you using whatsapp for chat with your friends and family. Currently Whatsapp has many cool features for enjoy chatting with pictures and videos. So here am sharing easy method to make money with whatsapp How to make money with whatsapp by using some easy methods. We can share any clickable links to whatsapp for refer your friends to particular apps and sites. So in this way am sharing this easy way to make money with whatsapp. Making money in online is slightly hard. But in this method you can make quick money with whatsapp. For get more earnings in whatsapp, You have do not to get more friends on whatsapp. Just join the groups that have many active users, Then simply follow the below steps and enjoy making money with whatsapp.

Linkshrink is the best site that offering money for sharing short links on web and other places. When users click on your links they have to wait 5 seconds for reach the destination link. In this time users getting some ad pages on their browser. Linkshrink pays various amounts depend on country wise traffic. You can simply share links and start getting clicks and money easily. So follow the below steps and enjoy earn money with whatsapp.

How to make money with whatsapp :

  1. Simply Open linkshrink and join with your email.
  2. Now verify your account and fill your payment info in account section.
  3. On the url box enter any webpage url.
  4. Now you will get shorten url of given webpage.
  5. Now simply share this links with your whatsapp group members.
  6. Finally you are successfully start making money with whatsapp.

You can share webpage that related media files and special news. If you are in movie related groups, Just copy the new movie related news and shorten the url with linkshrink. Then share it with your group members. Definitely you will get more clicks on your links and you can make minimum $10 per day using this method.


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