Why is pay per call the future of affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is one of the major sources of income for many bloggers and digital marketers. But the way affiliate marketing used to work earlier has changed a lot especially in terms of offers.

From normal leads to the dedicated sales, things have changed a lot and if you are an affiliate marketer, then you should be the part of the change.

We are still not sure how things will go in the future but one thing I can say is, Pay Per call will be the part of the futuristic changes in the affiliate marketing. How it will be the future of the affiliate marketing, we will discuss here in this blog post.

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But before that, let’s understand what is pay per call and why it is getting so much buzz around the digital marketing workplace.

What is pay per call?

Pay per call is a new form of marketing where the publishers are getting paid when someone calls the number given in the advertisements. This is quite different from the traditional approach to advertising campaigns where business needs to pay for the leads or visits. Usually, such pay per call campaigns is associated with the pay per call tracking software like Ringba which help the business understand the source of the call.

The major benefits from the pay per call method of advertisement for business are, they don’t have to pay for all the clicks and visits. Instead, they will be paying only when someone is making the call to the company. And if someone is taking that much effort to call the company definitely means they will be one of the targeted customers for the company.

Now let’s see why pay per call marketing is considered as the future of affiliate marketing.

3 reasons Pay per call is the future of affiliate marketing

Here are the top four reasons why affiliate marketing is considered as the future of affiliate marketing.

#1 Shift to mobile marketing

If you will look into the trend of current internet searches, you will find that more than 50% of the searches are happening through a mobile phone. Again, with mobile phone searches, companies like Google has started showing local searches and on-call searches. On call searches means, those results where numbers are shown in the result and you will get an option to call directly to the companies. And what better than pay per call work in this case.


#2 Future of marketing

As the searches are moving towards mobile and so naturally the company’s marketing strategies are moving towards mobile. So, it’s no secret that the affiliate marketing will be more of calls type. And if it involves call, pay per call will be again one of the best solutions for the same. If you have any web summit, you will find that how brands are aggressively looking for the pay per call marketing and vendors supporting it.

#3 Less Risk- Fraud

This is another important feature of pay per call marketing due to which it is considered as the future of affiliate marketing. Here the chance of risk/fraud or the chance of false leads/sales is very less as the tracking devices like Ringba has strong detection for the same.


These were some of the best reasons why pay per call is considered as the future of the affiliate marketing. If you are also an affiliate marketer, you should seriously explore the pay per call advertisements and have a hand on it so that with time you will be automatically with the pace.


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