How to permanently delete kik account


Kik is the popular messaging service in some circles for messaging and sharing videos. Here am sharing this post for How to permanently delete kik account forever. Like whatsapp and other top chatting apps kik offering free chatting with your friends and family. Also you can share videos through kik messenger. You can make your chatting more easy with pictures and videos over data connections and wifi. This is an part of social networks and chatting apps like whatsapp and facebook messenger. If you are searching for how to delete kik account permanently. In this post am sharing 2 methods to delete kik account in easy way. So simply follow the below methods and delete kik permanently.

If you are permanently delete your kik account, You can’t access your kik data and chatting history from kik delete account. Also your username will not be available to your friends on kik messenger. And you will not be able to make a new account after permanently delete kik account. So backup your kik messenger chat messages before following the below methods.

How to permanently delete kik account :

  • Open kik messenger in your android.
  • Choose your profile and click on logout.
  • Then write your email address here and wait for confirmation email.
  • Then open the email and click on link for delete your account.
  • Finally you are successfully deleted your kik account easily.

After the deletion you are no longer to get your kik messages and videos. If you are getting any errors and this method doesn’t works for you. Visit kik deactivation page here and follow the procedures. Or Simply follow the method 2 for delete your kik.

Delete Kik Account Permanently [Method 2] :

You can easily delete your kik account permanently using kik support email. Using parent inquiry you can delete your kik account of your child. But you have to know about the account email for delete kik account through kik support.

  • Open your gmail account and create new email to
  • Write the subject line as parent inquiry.
  • Then enter your username and age for deactivate account.
  • Kik will send you the account deletion form, Simply fill it with all details.
  • Finally submit the form and wait for account deletion.

You have to know the username of kik user to delete kik account. To find username of kik account, open kik messenger on device and click on Cog. Then choose settings and look for username at top of the list. Here you can find the username of kik account. Once you successfully send email with necessary details kik delete profile soon.

The above 2 methods working fine for delete kik account permanently without any annoying procedures. So simply try above methods if you want to delete your kik account. I hope this article will helps you to deactivate your kik account using android mobile and email address. Share this ost with your friends.


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