How to ping sitemap to all search engines for faster index


Sitemap ping is the way to inform your sitemap update in search engines. There are many ways to ping your sitemap to search engines like google,yahoo and bing. Once you ping your sitemap to google and bing so am gonna share you this how to ping sitemap to all search engines. Your xml sitemap will get updated and your new posts will be indexed in search engines. Every search engine have their own ping service for receive updates about your sitemap. Here am sharing legal way to ping your blogger and wordpress sitemap to google and get index your latest post on search results. This process is very simple and easy to use. But too much of illegal ping can get your site penalized from google. The below method is totally legal and providing you boost in search engine score.

So simply follow the below method and get more search engine referrers. You can get more traffic on your site by update your sitemap regularly using ping services. Once you update your blog and get error while indexing new posts, Ping services helps you to index manually in all search engines. WordPress users can update your sitemap after every post update using automatic ping services on your wordpress settings. But blogger and other top blogging platform users unable to update their sitemap automatically. You can request indexing through automatic indexing using manual ping service of search engines. Simply follow the below method to ping sitemap to all search engines.

How to ping sitemap to all search engines :

How To Ping Sitemap To Google :

Google is the number one search engine that index your every page in google and add it on search results for get more traffic to your site. Here is the ping url of google for index your new post on google. Simply copy the below link in web browser and open with your site url.

Simply change website with your website url and open. Once you open the given url with your website sitemap, Your sitemap will get updated in google. Then your new posts will get indexed soon in search results. Also ping your sitemap in google blog search for index your blog in google blog search for more traffic on your site.

OpenĀ in browser and enter your blog url or blog sitemap url and atom url. Then your blog will get index in google blog search.

How To Ping Sitemap To Bing :

Bing sitemap ping services helps you to get index your new posts on bing search results. Once you ping your sitemap to bing search engine, Bing bots crawl your site again and index your new posts and missing pages for indexing. Simply use the below bing sitemap ping url for update your sitemap in bing.

Simply open the given link in your browser with your domain name. Then you will get notification about successful ping on bing. If you are using low level domain’s the above link will ping your sitemap file. If you are using top level domain site and if you wanna index your atom sitemap to bing, simply replace the sitemap.xml to atom.xml with your somain name. Once you ping sitemap to bing, You can also get index in yahoo search engines. So simply use bing sitemap ping services for index your sitemap in yahoo and bing together.

How To Ping Sitemap To Yandex :

Yandex is the number one search engine in russia. Pinging your sitemap to yandex will providing organic search engine traffic from russia using yandex search engines. Like other search engine sitemap ping, Yandex also offering sitemap ping services for inform yandex bots to crawl your site for index your new posts on yandex search results.

Open the above link with your domain name and yandex bots crawling your site again and index your posts in search results. Also yandex providing blog search ping for get more traffic on your blog using yandex blog listing. To add your sitemap in yandex, Simply follow the link and paste your site url in the yandex blog search index request. Then your blog will be index in yandex blog search.

How To Ping SitemapĀ To Baidu :

Baidu is the popular search engine in china. Like yandex search engine, baidu providing you ping services that can help you to get index your posts in baidu for organic search traffic from china. According to baidu, Pinging can inform your sitemap update to baidu and bots will crawl your site again for index your posts on baidu. This process is very simple like other search engine ping services. So simply follow the below lonk and update your sitemap manually to get index your new posts on baidu for gaian organic traffic from china.

Open in your web browser and simply enter your site name for request ping to baidu bots. Then your sitemap will crawl by bots and your posts will be index in baidu search engine.

How To Ping Sitemap To Ask :

Ask currently does not allows users to submit sitemap to index your posts on like other search engines. But you can index your posts and get ask search engine traffic through robots.txt file. Simply add your sitemap in your robots.txt file of your website. Most of search engines index your site with sitemap using robots.txt file.

Pinging is the service that will inform search engines to crawl your site once your site updated with new content and content changes. So must ping your sitemap to search engines while made changes in your site. Many bloggers getting seo drop and unable to find the solution for how to fix seo drop and recover search engine referrals. So simply use the ping services to update your sitemap once you made changes in your sites. Basically seo drop occur while modifying site and themes. I hope this article will helps you to get more seo referral traffic using sitemap ping. Share this post with your friends.


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