PPC Marketing | Shaping how Local Businesses make money online


Are you a local business in need of immediate website traffic?

If you are then PPC should help you alongside with SEO. PPC stands for Pay Per Click ads on your website. In other words, people pay you to promote their products and you make a commission at every sale made.

Pretty cool eh? PPC methods have rapidly changed and your business would want to keep up with the trends. Search engines are changing their trends and so is online marketing. That is why many small businesses outsource their marketing campaigns to agencies like Orlando Adwords Management. 

To have a successful PPC campaign and generate money out of it the most basic idea is: Relevance. Your website keywords need to be relevant to the business.

PPC is also part of the idea of affiliated MArketing, meaning you affiliate your website with relevant content and ads, and manage to generate revenue on each click.

Techniques for PPC Marketing that makes you money

There are many ways to make money as a local business through PPC. Below I have listed a few of the most powerful ways you can do that.

Discounts are better than Prices 

People are more likely to click on your ad if you are giving discounts. Simple as that. If you directly put the price on your ad, what it inherently is doing is that it reminds the consumer of the price.

A discount sends the message out that the consumer can save money instead of spending it. That helps to create a bigger impact on the consumer to click on your ad.

That click generates you money immediately.

The word ‘Free’ works magic 

People love free things. Studies have proven that ads with the word ‘Free; or “Discount’ has a higher CTR ( Click Through Rate ) than most ad words.

Giving out something for free increases your CTR as a user lands on your page. That has proven to be a very important marketing tool online.

Mobile Optimized Ads seals the deal

Your consumer is no different than you. as much as you are stuck on your phone screen so are they. Smartphone searches have outnumbered PC searches. Meaning online marketers are constantly trying to make campaigns keeping exactly that in mind.

You need to make your ads smartphone friendly because chances of your consumer landing on your page through a smartphone is highly probable.

Reviewing your competitor’s ad words helps your PPC campaign 

The age-old saying of keeping an eye on what your competitor is doing works great even today. it is absolutely imperative for you to keep a track on your competitor’s marketing tactics.

it also tells you what to do and sometimes also what not to do in your PPC campaign.

Optimize your ads regularly 

Chances are that your consumer is going to get bored if they land on your page every time to see the same old ad. hence, it is important for you to continually change and optimize your ads.

Change the design, format time to time, shuffle through. It gives your consumer variety to choose from and keeps their attention longer on your ads.

Use keywords with a purchase intention in mind 

Someone who searches Headphones are less likely to have a conversion rate on your website ads rather than someone searching for ‘ Buy Headphones’.

That means your ad words should have keywords that are direct and has a call for action intention. Don’t have open-ended keywords that can mean almost anything. Optimize your keywords to what your consumers are searching.

Remember if they want to buy something, they would want to first see it in your ad.

EndNote- PPC works 

PPC methods are very powerful and detail oriented. You need to maintain a high CTR throughout. For that, your ad words need to have the purchase intention and your design must be optimized.

Understanding the relevance of keywords helps you to make a successful PPC campaign.


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