Privacy Policy

We Have Some Privacy Policy Of Zybermedia.Net. We Respect Everyone’s Hardwork. If the violation of your copyright, please contact us. we will remove it within 24 hour. We will respond all our users message. you will get response with in the time of less than 24 hours.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy :-

Your Privacy Is Important For Zybermedia. Zybermedia Is A Blog That Offering Many Online Tricks. And Tips For All Worldwide Peoples. Some Of Our Post Are collected From Other Sites For Referance To Us. Like Some Online Offers And recharge offers. we never copy anyone’s hardwork for gain pageviews.

The Information We Collect :-

We Only Collect User Navigation Links And Posts. For Helping Users By Sharing. Also For More Usefull Contents For Improve Our site and helping users. and also we never accept spam comments for gain backlink,

Links to third party Websites :-

We Have Adding Some External Sites. Thats For Offers Page Or External Posts. Otherwise We Will Remove Unwanted Links From Our Page For Our Users. We Only Share Usable Links. And Informations For Our Users. We Never Spamming On Anyone’s Browsers. By Sharing Unwanted Links. External Links To Files That Are Uploaded On Third-Party Sites. We Are Not Responsible For Any Kind Of Damages And Spam