How to protect adsense account from invalid clicks activity


Google adsense is the number one suggestion for bloggers and webmasters for make money online by displaying ads. When you apply adsense and get approval, you have to follow all adsense terms for avoid account ban issues. Basically many adsense publishers losing their account due to invalid clicks activity. Google is very strict to use adsense and make money, so here we want to secure our adsense accounts fro spammers. Not sure, sometimes your competitors also clicking your same ad many time for make your account disable. So here am sharing this most useful tip for adsense users How to protect adsense account from invalid clicks activity. Statcounter is the best statistics tool for blogger and wordpress users. Here we can use statcounter for track all invalid clicks.

When you login to your adsense account and looking for today earnings and cpc. You have to check your ctr too. Google currently fixed normal ctr as 15%. For example if your page views are 1000 and your clicks are 150, then you are getting an ctr 15%. But if you have more ctr than 15% your adsense ads may click bombed by someone. Google basically not counts any invalid clicks, you can only get earnings for your real clicks that served to adsense advertisers. You will loss your account after getting too much of invalid clicks. But here is the solution to track the invalid clicks and prevent adsense account from click bombing attacks. Just follow the below mentioned steps step by step and bypass google adsense account ban.

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How to protect adsense account from invalid clicks :

  • Then add your website in projects while account setup.

  • Here you can get statcounter code for installation and tracking.
  • Now copy and paste the code in your site that you want to track.

  • After the successful installation, you can start tracking your traffic activity.
  • For tracking invalid clicks on adsense ads, Just open your project settings.
  • In the left side options menu, click on Exit Link Activity. [ In this section, you can track all visitors Exit link ].

  • Here you can get the clicks for adsense ads with exact ip address and time.

Just tap on the link section for track the ip address who click on your ads many time. Then you can block the ip address from clicking your ads and avoid adsense account ban issues.

You can easily block ads from certain ip address using various plugins in your wordpress site. For example you can use Ad Injection plugin for wordpress. In ad injection you can block showing ads to certain ip address. So that you can track all invalid clicks on your adsense ads and avoid adsense account ban problems. So guys enjoy adsense with more secure and don’t forgot to share this post with your friends.


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